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Typical Mistakes People Usually Make on a Road Trip

by bernslily

If you want more joy for your family you should take a trip to Walt Disney World. Of course, this direction is not the easiest one when travel with the whole family. It needs planning and sight of money to pay for food, Fast pass, hotel, and other activities. Don’t forget about your kids’ special needs. No worries about the car. Orlando car rental under 25 let you rent a good car even if you are 20! Nevertheless, people often do the same road trip mistakes again and again. Let’s make a list of these mistakes when you travel to Orlando by rental car. Be before…



Your trip can be good or bad. It depends on your mood and your rental car. But if you want to take the best auto for your long ride, you should read how to find it. No jokes, a good car can help you to avoid headaches and gives wonderful memories. What do you expect from your rental car? Of course, you want it big with plenty of room, comfortable seats, and good fuel economy.

  • Renting SUV

The cars of this type are very popular to rent for a family road trip. The car has much space for luggage, sport equipment, passengers. The car is safe, comfortable, and has decent gas mileage. Enjoy your driving!

  • Renting VAN

You can pick a family van for 5, 7 or more seats if you are going to travel with a big family. This is the most popular car to take for rent during the summer season. They provide maximum comfort for your family!

  • Renting FULL SIZE or LUXURY car

Luxury cars are not very popular for family ride, especially for young drivers. Not all luxury cars are available when you are under 25 in Orlando. But if your kids are not very young you may choose such a car with comfortable leather interior and modern equipment.

Costco Gas Station Gasoline



1. Overpay for gasoline near airport

There is a rule, if you take a full car, you should return it full. As a rule, people try to find the nearest gas station around the Orlando International Airport territory. They don’t want to spend much time for exploring territory and looking for cheaper prices. No doubts, it is convenient. But it’s so expensive! Try to avoid conveniently located gas stations on Semoran Blvd. You will pay about $2 higher per gallon than somewhere in the city.

2. Take expensive trips between airports

People often take a free shuttle between the airports. For example, in the airports of Philadelphia or Phoenix, you can see a shuttle service that transport passengers between terminals. Don’t look for free shuttle in Orlando! What is more, if you need transportation between two Orlando airports, don’t look for free service. The destination is about 30 miles. You will pay for transfer about $25-30.

How to avoid overpaying? Orlando car rental under 25 will help you to book one-way car rental. This is a kind of useful service when you need to get from one place to another and don’t have time to return the car at the prime point. Just leave it at the rental spot at another place according to your rental contract. It is less expensive than taking shuttles.

LAWA 106 Airport & 96th 5-Apr-2019

3. Get speeding ticket

Sure enough, when driving through the new territory, you should follow the road signs and speed limits. Traveling through Orlando you can notice that speed is highly monitored. As a result of your speed driving you can get a speed ticket. You are guilty and the radar gun can prove it. But you are a tourist and you will not be able to come to court to contest your speeding ticket. What a trouble! Watch the road and drive carefully! Getting a speeding ticket is a common problem of all driving tourists here. You are close to the theme park and want to get to the key point as fast as possible. Don’t wait for warning citations. And the tickets are expensive!

Speed Limit: 30 mph

4. Stop at Visitor Centers

Florida is always full of tourists. Sometimes, people spend long hours driving to get to the theme park. You can see so-called Welcome Centers around. What is that? Those are comfortable places, where you can get free drinks, refreshment, and details of your trip. Actually, you can find many billboards along the roads in Central Florida, drumming up customers with free services and even big discounts for theme park tickets. Don’t believe everything that is promised so loudly! Those discounts frequently come at a high price. Or you’ll have to waste time for a presentation. It is better to spend this time for checking in in the hotel.

No matter where you are traveling, try to be a careful driver! Watch the road and follow the speed limits. Whatever happens on the road, don’t forget about the roadside assistance. According to your rental contract, they will come and solve all your road problems on your request.

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