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6 ways to sell tickets to your event

by sandeepdave

You have spent months carefully organizing the perfect event. Your offer in food and drink is mouth-watering, your line-up is phenomenal and you have paid a lot of attention to design and visitor experience. But as soon as your ticket sale starts … silence. There should be a storm, so why doesn’t anyone buy a ticket? You may have committed one of these common mistakes during the organization of your event. These are 6 ways to sell tickets to your event.

1. Mass marketing to get your event sold out

It is all too tempting to bombard your entire mailing list with emails, but this is not nearly as effective as targeted promotions based on your event dates. With information from surveys, you can find out what visitors like and dislike about your event. And with data about website traffic, conversion rates and interaction with your content, you can adjust your promotion tactics to ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time. Your visitor data also provides insight into why people buy tickets, or why not.

2. Do everything on your own

One of the best ways to ensure that your event sells out is by working with well-known brands. These brands already have a following and you can take advantage of their loyal fan base. With the right partnerships, you ensure that these fans become ticket buyers and come back to every edition of your event. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to tie sponsors. 

3. Leave your location to chance

At most clubs, you have to register the location three to six months in advance. You should even book larger locations (where you can hold your beer festival, for example) a year in advance. If you don’t start the process early enough, your favorite location (and maybe even your second and third choice) is probably already booked. If you want to attract a large audience, use your location to your advantage. Whether it is an exclusive location or a large room, your location can raise high expectations with your visitors.

4. Count on people coming to your website

If you do not sell tickets on sites where your target group already spends any time, your event will never be sold out. Distributed commerce, sell tickets to your event on different websites, is usually overlooked as a way to boost ticket sales. It is also one of the most effective ways to ensure that your sales run smoothly from the start. Make sure your event is visible on the sites that visitors trust to make plans. This way you attract potential buyers through their favorite sites and apps.

Social media is an easy way to get in touch with people. But if you use social media only once a week, or worse, if you are not on the right platforms, you will miss your most important audience. If you sell tickets, but nobody knows, will your event be sold out? Probably not. By sharpening your marketing strategy on social media, you can increase the traffic to your ticketing and registration page and convert more of those views into sold tickets. Not sure which platform is most suitable for your event?

5. Post a message on social media once a week

6. Count on organic reach on Facebook

As you all know, Facebook is a strong marketing tool. But with so many users it is difficult to determine whether your event reaches the right target group. If you want to sell more tickets or registrations, it is essential to target the right audience with Facebook ads. Good targeting increases the number of conversions and even lowers the amount you spend on marketing. If you do not use a remarketing strategy, you will miss out on many sold tickets. Remarketing of people who were already interested in your event increases the chance that they register or buy a ticket for your event by 70%.

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