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Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer

Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer? Know Some Unknown Facts

by Ruhia

Do you have the question in your mind that does crying make your eyelashes longer or not? So here comes a detailed discussion of it. Keep scrolling through the article to know more.

There are many beauty tips you will get to know here and there. In fact, some of those tips will also be based on some natural bodily factor itself. Crying is one of those factors, and it has different benefits and beauty effects. For example, eyelash growth is one of those effects that people assume it as true.

Does Crying Make Your eyelashes Longer?

Crying Make Your eyelashes Longer

Many people might suggest this one as a perfect beauty tip. According to that, tears make your eyelashes strong and long. However, before you go for this tip, you need to know the fact of does crying make your eyelashes grow or not. If you try to find the truth, you will see that it is not at all correct. Basically, your eyelash will not grow if you will cry. So, though some other facts might let you think that your eyelash has grown, your query about does crying make your eyelashes longer is really not a positive one.

What Really Happens to Your Eyelash If You Will Cry?

The query of do crying make your eyelashes grow might come to you very naturally. If you will cry and then you will look at your eyelashes, then you will be able to find those looks a bit longer, but does crying grow your eyelashes? Though those might look a bit longer, they won’t actually grow. Instead of that, it will be due to the spilling of tears. Thus, there will be a temporary effect on your eyelashes. You won’t get longer eyelashes at all due to crying itself.

On the other hand, when you will look for the answers, does crying make your eyelashes longer, you will get to know something else. If you cry, your eyelashes will get tears, and that will nourish your eyelashes. Tears will make your eyelashes darker. Not only that but your eyelashes will also be straightened. The tears will lubricate those, making them straighten, darker, and healthy. So, that will keep your eyelashes even better. Still, if you will look for the answers, do crying make your eyelashes grow, you will simply be heartbroken, as you won’t get that at all.

Is Crying Good for Eyelashes? Science Behind It

You already know the details that you might find fascinating about the benefits of crying for your eyelashes. However, you can get a scientific logic for your query of does crying make your eyelashes grow.

Tears are very important for our eye health. It is a natural cleanser and also improves our eyesight. In addition, there are zinc and fatty acid in tears which have health benefits. Further, tears are associated with emotion, and it helps to keep your eyes beautiful. Thus, altogether, the myth about the growth of eyelashes due to crying becomes stronger; however, it is still not entirely convincing.

Benefits of Crying

Hence, as the earlier discussion proves, tears have different useful factors, so crying benefits us. So let’s have a glance at them.

  • Crying helps to release stress and provides great emotional relief. Further, it is proven that crying enhances creativity.
  • Crying releases internal agony and makes you feel fresh. It removes all negative feelings and helps to focus on other things.
  • You will feel strong after a good cry as it unbound several emotional factors.
  • A good cry is beneficial for cheering up a bad mood. This is because tears form Endorphins which give a feeling of calmness and relaxation.
  • To some extent, crying also helps to improve your skin as it removes all impurities.
  • Tears cleanse eyes and lashes naturally.
  • In addition, if you are going to get some irritation in the area of your eyelash, you will get relief from that as well. in fact, this feature of crying might make you ask if crying makes your eyelashes longer or not. In fact, tears will also help you to remove debris and makeup as well.

So, these are really some that will be positive factors of crying. Thus, once you cry, you will have several physical and emotional benefits. Further, you might not get a positive answer to your query about does crying grow your eyelashes or not, but no doubt you will have other benefits.

How Can One Make Large Eyelashes?

Crying Make Your eyelashes Longer

The query does crying make your eyelashes grow will make you interested as you want to get some large eyelashes. But you already know that this is basically a myth. So, you might really get a broken heart, and that is why you might look for some other options to make those larger. There are several popular serums and oils that can make your eyelashes longer. In addition, some home remedies are also effective in making long lashes. To summarise, you need to nourish your lashes properly with dermatologically tested materials to see great results. Hence, you must remember that the eyes are delicate body parts and the main sense organ. So you need to be very careful with the products and your activities to keep your eyes perfect.


Thus, hope you have already got to know about does crying make your eyelashes longer. The first factor that you have got to know is that it is basically a beauty myth. Though there is a good relationship between crying and eyelashes, it won’t help your lashes to grow. Further, this article has also listed some benefits of crying as well, and how that will make your optical health better. However, if you really want to make your lashes longer, you need to apply certain clinical and cosmetic strategies instead of only depending on tears.

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