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Unique Rakhi Designs

Express Your Love with Unique Rakhi Designs: A Guide to Shree Rakhi’s Offerings

by Ruhia

Rakhi is an auspicious occasion that celebrates the beautiful bond and love between siblings. It’s a day when sisters tie a rakhi on their brother’s wrist, expressing their love and affection, while brothers vow to protect and care for their sisters. To make this day extra special, Shree Rakhi offers a diverse range of unique rakhi designs for brothers.

As a trusted and leading manufacturer of rakhi in India, Shree Rakhi has been contributing to the industry for over 65 years. With more than 10,000+ unique designs, the company has revolutionized the rakhi industry, adding new collections each year that cater to every aspect of sibling bonds.

Why Shree Rakhi?

What makes Shree Rakhi stand out from its competitors is its commitment to delivering the best possible product to customers. The company’s 150,000+ team members across India are dedicated to providing high-quality products that keep up with the fast-changing trends of the rakhi industry.

Shree Rakhi’s unique expertise in creating trendy and fashionable Zari-Zardousi artworks has been setting the standard in rakhi fashion for the past six decades. With extensive knowledge and experience in the craft, the company has succeeded in becoming the most trusted manufacturer of rakhi all over India.

At Shree Rakhi, you’re not just getting a rakhi – you’re getting a unique expression of your love and affection for your sibling. The company ensures that its products are durable, beautiful, and trendy, making them the perfect token of love on this special day.

Buying Rakhi Online

In the age of technology, buying rakhi online has become increasingly popular. Shree Rakhi understands this and has made the process of buying rakhi online easier and more convenient. Customers can purchase rakhi through various channels, including WhatsApp chats, phone calls, or emails.

To fulfill wholesale purposes, the minimum purchase value is INR 25,000/-. However, if you’re an individual buyer with lower order values, you can purchase Shree Rakhi’s products through Rakhi retailers.

Types of Rakhi Designs

Shree Rakhi offers a wide range of unique rakhi designs that cater to every type of sibling bond. Below are some of the most popular designs that the company offers.

OM Rakhi

The OM Rakhi symbolizes the blessings of Lord Shiva showering on the brother. This rakhi is a beautiful way for sisters to express their love and respect for their brothers. At Shree Rakhi, you can find a variety of OM Rakhi designs that are sure to capture your brother’s heart. Choose from a range of colors and styles to find the perfect OM Rakhi for your brother.

Swastik Rakhi

The Swastik symbol signifies good luck, well-being, and purity. It’s a symbol of God and spirituality often used in Hindu rituals and puja ceremonies. At Shree Rakhi, you’ll find a range of Swastik Rakhi designs that capture the essence of this auspicious symbol, bringing good luck and prosperity to your brother.

Lumba Rakhi

Traditionally, Lumba Rakhi originated from the Marwari culture in Rajasthan. It’s a bangle-like rakhi that’s tied to the sister-in-law of the family as a symbol of honor. It’s a rakhi that signifies harmony and beautifies the married life of siblings. At Shree Rakhi, you’ll find a wide range of Lumba Rakhi designs that are attractive and striking to the eye.

American Diamond Rakhi

If you’re looking for a more permanent and well-crafted rakhi, the American Diamond Rakhi is an excellent choice. Its attractive diamonds capture the eye and signify the honor you feel for your brother’s love. These rakhis are long-lasting and can serve as bracelets, creating a sophisticated and elegant aura for your brother.

Cartoon Rakhi

Lastly, Shree Rakhi offers an adorable selection of Cartoon Rakhis that are perfect for younger siblings. With various cartoon designs, such as Doremon or Ben10, these rakhis are sure to delight your little brother or cousin. You can find a range of cartoon rakhis in Shree Rakhi’s kid’s range section.


In conclusion, Shree Rakhi is a trusted and leading manufacturer of rakhi in India. Its expertise in creating beautiful, trendy, and high-quality products has made it a popular choice among customers across the country. With a diverse range of unique rakhi designs, such as OM Rakhi, Swastik Rakhi, Lumba Rakhi, American Diamond Rakhi, and Cartoon Rakhi, Shree Rakhi offers something for every type of sibling bond.

If you’re looking to buy rakhi online, Shree Rakhi has made the process easy and convenient. Customers can purchase rakhi through various channels, which include WhatsApp chats, phone calls, or emails. Whether you’re an individual buyer or purchasing for wholesale purposes, Shree Rakhi has got you covered. In conclusion, we hope this blog post has provided valuable information on Shree Rakhi’s unique product offerings and expertise in the rakhi industry. Make this Raksha Bandhan extra special by choosing a unique and beautiful rakhi from Shree Rakhi!

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