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Steel Wedding Bands

7 Benefits of Steel Wedding Bands

by Ruhia

Did you know that there are nearly two million marriages per year just in the United States alone? With marriage numbers so high, it’s important to know what sort of wedding band options you have. Are steel wedding bands worth having on your mind?

If you’re curious about the different types of wedding bands, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about why Steel makes such popular wedding bands.

1. Long Lasting

The first note to make of steel wedding bands is how long they last.

Ideally, you’ll wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life. As such, having a ring that doesn’t last can cause significant emotional turmoil.

Many choose to never remove their wedding ring for any purpose. In some faiths, removing the band is seen as a symbolic breaking of a vow. Would you want to use a metal that breaks easily to represent such a bond?

Gold bands can become tarnished or break much easier than steel. Steel wedding bands will last longer and are significantly more resistant to breaking. You can wear your steel wedding band anywhere that it’s safe to wear a ring!

2. Clean, Refined Appearance

Another fantastic benefit of steel wedding bands is their sleek appearance. Some sorts of jewelry can appear gaudy. Wearing too much gold, for example, can give an overly-opulent appearance that some may find tacky.

Wearing stainless steel can help give a new spark to your refined appearance. Consider a pair of Damascus wedding bands to add a pop to your wardrobe.

Additionally, steel matches more outfits than other precious metals. Gold has a more striking appearance. While great as an accent, you can sometimes find your outfit clashes with your wedding band.

Steel wedding bands are much less likely to clash with your outfit. You can also color steel other shades, such as black or grey. Since most colors are neutral, you can make more varied outfits with your wedding band.

3. More Affordable Than Other Precious Metals

Wedding bands are rarely the time that anyone wants to pinch pennies. However, wedding bands are also absurdly expensive. It’s not uncommon for a wedding band to cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Much of this is because of the extravagant wealth that a ring may hold. Some rings may be sterling silver with radiant diamonds. Others may have a pure gold band with precious gemstones embedded into the band.

While these rings are beautiful, the sad reality is that some people can’t really afford them. Weddings are already expensive enough without a ring threatening to double your budget.

As such, many have taken to alternative wedding band options for their lower cost. Steel wedding bands are significantly cheaper while not being lower in quality.

the primary tradeoff is that steel wedding bands are rarely as flashy or eye-catching as the more expensive types. Still, many prefer this, as some don’t like wearing such expensive accessories.

Some steel wedding bands can become expensive as well. There are rings that use a titanium alloy that can match the price tag of any gold-and-diamond ring. However, these are much less common.

Generally, a steel wedding band will cost a couple of hundred dollars. These are much more affordable for people that may not want to take out a loan for a ring.

4. Eco-Friendly

Did you know that the extraction of precious metals is often harmful to the environment? Gold and gem mines often use destructive and pollution-heavy methods to extract their bounty. That’s to say, nothing of the cost of human lives and labor that these mines often exploit.

Stainless steel is much better for the environment and workers. These rings are completely recyclable and are produced with fewer pollutants. Steel is one of the most eco-friendly metals to produce, helping reduce the impact of these rings.

5. Comfortable and Easy to Wear

Some rings can become less comfortable over time. They may become ragged with wear and tear or squeeze your skin.

Others can corrode, damaging your skin or tinting them green. You may also struggle with allergies to some metals.

Stainless steel is a hypoallergenic material. Anyone can wear them without fear of an allergic reaction.

However, some plating can still trigger allergic reactions. Make sure you’re positive about what your ring is made of before you wear it! If you’re allergic to the plating, it can cause significant health risks.

6. Durable

Gold is a softer metal than most, making it malleable and easy to break. Silver is also easy to break, though it often requires more force.

Conversely, steel is an exceptionally strong metal. While some trendy wedding bands like wooden or stone rings can shatter easily, steel remains among the strongest options.

You should consider the durability of your ring depending on your line of work. Many choose to remove their rings for work to make sure they aren’t damaged. While steel rings can receive dents in extreme circumstances, they’re difficult to break or scratch.

7. Resembles More Expensive Options

Finally, steel is often chosen as it resembles more expensive ring options. Some may choose a steel ring that has a similar appearance to a silver ring.

Another similarity is titanium rings, which can carry an intense price tag. Some wearers opt for steel rings that have a similar color and appearance. As such, they can style their outfit around these opulent rings without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars for them.

If you want to have a ring that looks like it costs a fortune without spending one, steel is the best option.

The Benefits of Steel Wedding Bands

Steel wedding bands are affordable, sturdy, stylish, and durable. They’re great for arranging a wardrobe around them without having to worry about them clashing with your clothes. Do your best research on what your future wedding bands will be made out of before choosing to avoid allergy risks!

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