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The Styling Revolution: How to Ace the Big Hat Look

The Styling Revolution: How to Ace the Big Hat Look

by Ruhia

Several people’s favorite accessories are fashionable hats. A hat may dramatically alter an appearance and give an outfit some flair. A fashionable hat is all it takes to transform a plain look into something fascinating. This style article is for you if you ponder how to style a hat while appearing stunning.

It’s not that tough to put on a hat. You’re good to go once you place it on your head. Everything depends on the appropriate hat selection and the overall ensemble.

If you haven’t already, you might gradually add fashionable hats to your collection and wear them occasionally because they are an accessory for all seasons and occasions.

This guide is the answer you’ve been searching for if you have questions about the various kinds of hats available, the one you should rock, and the best way to style that hat with an outfit.


A beanie was formerly a flat, form-fitting hat lacking a brim, sometimes known as a skullcap. Young men and older workers used beanies frequently in the early 1900s. The bean-shaped, cloth-covered hook in the hat’s center is most likely where the name “beanie” came from. A beanie is frequently just a knitted stocking hat.

The beanie is a must-have winter accessory for men. Beanies’ design makes them warm and fits snugly to the head. Felt and cotton are materials hatters frequently use to construct beanies. Fortunately, fashionable beanies come in several styles for people of all ages and genders that go well with many casual clothes.

You can never go wrong by throwing a beanie on your casual wear for most informal outings. Only ensure you wear the right size and a color that complements your outfit.

Dad’s Hat

A dad hat differs from a standard baseball cap. It features some key components, including a cozy cotton material, a traditional six-panel shape, and a simple logo. Dad hats are relaxed to a degree where they lack a distinct crown and are made of cotton or canvas. The back typically features a strap-back or belt-like fastening, and the bill is also typically curved from the start.

A dad hat is adaptable and practical for your casual clothes, whether you’re a true dad (pet dads count) or not. It’s your best bet for vacations and weekends.

A dad hat ought to be among your collection of men’s headwear. A dad hat is an ideal accessory for weekend breakfasts and park picnics. For a complete, head-to-toe “Dad” style, team the dad hat with your favorite dad sneakers, a pair of jeans, and a simple logo t-shirt.


A Bowler hat is a type of hard-felt hat with the features like a round and bowl-shaped top part. These hats are also called derby hats. Bowlers have small brims which are neatly curled towards the upward direction for a stronger fit.

This hat started its journey with an order placed to a London hat manufacturing company named James Lock & Co. The client wanted his gamekeepers to be able to ride comfortably wearing low-crowned, and perfectly fitted hats.

Bowler was designed to replace other common hats of that time, as these used to be knocked off by tree branches frequently during horse riding. Thomas and William Bowler, hat makers from London, designed the headgear in 1849.

These hats became popular in no time because of their advantages. During the latter part of the 19th century, gamekeepers and working people started buying these hats for wearing during daily work. With the progression of time, bowlers gradually outdated other popular hats from the fashion industry. Irrespective of cast and gender, people started buying this type of hat and eventually, they got accustomed to contemporary fashion statements.


The modern boater hat is modeled after the Venetian canotier, which is donned by gondoliers in Venice. In the latter part of the 1800s and early 1900s, boaters were the preferred headgear for sailors.

However, they are now also linked to barbershop quartets, which gained prominence during the same period.

The places where you can frequently see boaters today are warm-weather and nautical, like races or patio parties.

Men’s straw hats are almost always mentioned in connection with boaters. The boater is an excellent hat option for the summer, distinguished by a firmer core and a distinct ribbon around the top.

Boaters have a shape that sets them apart from other big hats, primarily their flat tops, round crowns, and larger brims.

Newsboy Cap

These vintage caps, which first appeared in the 19th century, have experienced a major revival in recent years. These large, circular caps have panels on the front that are fastened to the brim by a button on top. Fashion firms have adopted the traditional men’s hat, which you can see adorning the heads of many wealthy men and ladies. Several high-end stores sell Newsboy caps too.

Cast from Peaky Blinders is an excellent reference for this headgear. The newsboy hat symbolizes the younger brother who knows how to party while the classic flat cap is the solemn older brother. With additional volume, greater texture and sequence, and sweet button detail, it has a more casual feel.

Whether you enjoy the film series or not, you should agree that Kingsman boasts a never-ending supply of stunning looks. This cap is an eternal classic you will treasure for a lifetime, especially if you like the full British gentlemen vibe.

You can rock the tweed material, and the light brown color is adaptable. To feel and appear like a smart guy, wear it with a gray cable-knit sweater and a handsome wool coat.

Bucket Hats

Because of their wide brims that protect you from the sun and rain, bucket hats were once known as “fisherman’s hats” in the past. However, they are becoming a statement accessory for fashion enthusiasts.

As seen on the catwalks and by fashion enthusiasts everywhere, bucket hats are the perfect topper to quickly alter a simple ensemble. So why not wear this unique accessory to make it the highlight of your outfit? You can’t afford to overlook the main character vibes it sends out.

Acing that Big Hat Look

Every occasion has a hat you may wear without appearing out of place. It implies that there are many opportunities to don a hat because every day is a terrific day to do so.

You may be sure to discover a style that suits you, whether you want one to cover up a terrible hair day, protect yourself from the elements, or look good.

Don’t be scared to experiment with different hat styles to get an appeal that suits you. It will also offer you more tips for upgrading your outfit.

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