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Benefits of drinking green beans coffee

by Muhammad.osama

Green coffee beans are seeds of the Coffea fruit. They are raw and unroasted, and upon roasting, they lose the chlorogenic acid present in them.

Green coffee beans are rich in chlorogenic acid which are known to provide the human body with numerous positive health benefits.

People often take supplements of green coffee beans orally

People often take green coffee bean supplements orally for curing obesity, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, and other bacterial infections.

In fact, they can also drink green beans coffee which can help them overcome obesity.

What are green coffee beans

Green coffee beans are coffee beans that are not roasted. They contain a high amount of chlorogenic acid, chemical renown for cutting down weight in humans.

This chemical also has numerous health benefits and among them is a significant cut in blood pressure by thinning blood vessels.

When it comes to weight loss, chlorogenic acid in green coffee affects the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol in the human body, and aids in metabolism too.

How to make green beans coffee?

To make green beans coffee, you must follow the following steps:

  • First, find green coffee beans that are of good quality and provide good taste (as they can be unusually bitter). They should be wet-processed to ensure they are free of mold.
  • Then put them in a mesh strainer and begin rinsing them with cold water.
  • Then transfer them to a pot on the stove. Add around 3 cups of water to those beans and then put a lid on the pot and light up the stove.
  • Simmer the beans for 12 minutes over high heat. Take the lid off the pot and reduce the burner’s heat down to medium. Stir them occasionally and gently so their papery chaff remains (as it has all the antioxidants needed for weight loss).
  • Turn the burner off and pour the liquid in a container using a mesh sieve. This helps retain the chaff and beans.
  • It is basically green beans coffee which is now ready to drink. Dilute the bitter taste with juice or water if it becomes quite bitter.

Good thing is that these beans can be stored once they are cooled.

They can also be used again for making green beans coffee. It tastes more like herbal tea instead of coffee.

Side effects

The extract of green coffee beans is safe to use when consumed orally in the right amount.

But this extract contains both caffeine and chlorogenic acid in large amounts.

It is also known to drain calcium from the bones hence physicians advise not to drink it excessively.

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