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Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

3 Things to Know About Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

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Do you suffer from drug addiction? You aren’t alone. You’re one of 21 million Americans who suffer from drug addiction. 

There’s no doubt that living with drug addiction is hard. Being addicted to drugs can have a big impact on your quality of life. The good news is that there are different treatment options available. 

You should consider inpatient substance abuse treatment. This is a safe and proven approach to addiction recovery. Read on to learn three things you need to know about this type of treatment. 

1. What Is Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment?

Substance abuse treatment varies based on the level of care provided to the patient. Inpatient substance abuse treatment involves 24/7 care. Patients receive care at a rehab facility where they reside. 

Staff supervise patients and provide them with structured care. Patients become full-time residents once they enter an inpatient setting. They may live alone in an assigned room or have a roommate.  

Patients do go to therapy several times a day. The type of therapy that patients receive depends on their treatment plan. Individual and group therapy are the two most common types of therapy offered. 

Individual therapy consists of one-on-one sessions. It offers patients the opportunity to take an honest look at themselves. 

Group therapy consists of a group of patients led by a therapist. The patients can discuss their experiences with addiction recovery. It’s a safe space for them. 

The average length of stay is 30 days. This can change on a case-by-case basis. A patient may stay longer if it’s beneficial in preventing relapse. 

The cost of inpatient substance abuse treatment varies. It varies by the treatment provider, location of the facility, and other factors. Most insurance plans do cover this type of treatment. 

There are alternative options that exist. Native American substance abuse treatment programs offer non-traditional therapies. You can learn more about native American rehab options by clicking on the link. 

2. Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

This type of treatment for drug addiction does offer several benefits. The safety of patients is of the utmost importance. Staff will supervise patients around the clock. 

The staff focuses on removing negative triggers. They also focus on removing external influences that can drive patients to use. 

Patients can benefit from being in a supportive environment. An inpatient center helps to provide a sense of community. These benefits foster the patients’ well-being and recovery. 

3. Check-In Process

Patients who check-in for the first time can expect to complete an intake interview. During the intake interview, the patient will have to answer several questions. The questions relate to the patient’s substance use and lifestyle.

Patients might feel uncomfortable speaking about their drug abuse. This is normal, but it’s important they answer them honestly. Accurate answers will help the staff develop an appropriate treatment plan. 

Three Things to Know About Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Inpatient substance abuse treatment can help drug users overcome addiction. These are three things to consider about it. This information can help you determine if you should consider inpatient substance abuse treatment. 

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