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Prepare Your Deck for Summer Fun

8 Ways to Prepare Your Deck for Summer Fun

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When you’re a proud deck owner, you want to tinker with your deck each year to make it more and more enjoyable to use. During the summer months, having a solid deck setup becomes especially important. Even if you’re simply planning on a layout for a custom deck that you’re going to have built soon, knowing what you value in a deck’s design can help. Here are eight ways to prepare your deck for summer fun in 2023:

1. Professional Additions

When you’re trying to make your deck perfect for the upcoming summer, you need to look into the help professional deck builders and custom deck designers can offer you. They will look into your hobbies, and help you pinpoint ideas for add-ons that you’ve never thought of, but that you will immediately become excited about. The more you put your trust in them during this process, the better. Professionals and builders tend to see what needs fixing or replacing even the small details like your privacy panels or wooden fence. With the help of the pros, you can start thinking about your home projects and bring them to life. Soon, you’ll have a plethora of exciting projects in mind to tackle during the new year.

2. Extra Shade

The summer of 2023 is meant to be hot. To prepare for this, you need to make sure your deck is not one big open oven space. Adding more shade-providing additions of some sort to your deck is the best way to go (and if you do not have any type of shade add-ons already, then taking care of this step in 2023 is a must). Awnings, plant wall shades, professional shade walls, newly planted trees, and other solutions can be used, so be sure to get creative with this worthwhile project. Pair great shade with fantastic deck lighting to truly optimize your deck setup.

3. Deck Planters for Summer Fun

A deck that’s vibrant, alive, and beautiful is one of the best things you can hope to achieve as a homeowner. You’ll want to spend as much time on your deck as humanly possible if you can unlock this aesthetic, after all. By adding deck planters, where you can do some home gardening, or simply plant some beautiful flowers, you’ll make your deck more dreamy and comforting than ever before. Just make sure that you go with plants that are appropriate for your climate, and your level of responsibility as a plant owner.

4. Pizza Oven

A lot of people use their decks for cookouts, parties, and neighborhood get-togethers. Beyond the traditional grill setup, adding a pizza oven appliance to your deck is a great way to keep the tasty food offerings flowing throughout the summer of 2023. Brick-oven pizza setups are especially popular and trendy, and let you cook pizzas that taste as though they came straight out of a professional pizzeria kitchen. Gather up all the ingredients you’ve been wanting to experiment with, and find your perfect pizza recipe in 2023.

5. Built-in Storage

Trying to constantly rearrange all of your deck tools, toys, and furniture to accommodate the people you’re hosting is a pain. To help ease the effort, you need to get some built-in storage added to your deck. These storage spaces can often be crafted to double as built-in seating for your deck, so be sure to look into how much it would cost to expand your deck’s hosting capabilities in an eye-catching, convenient manner.

6. String Lights

The trend of using string lighting for outside fixtures has no signs of slowing down. These lights are not only hyper-affordable, but they are also simply magical. If you like a calm, peaceful lighting setup that looks incredibly inviting, you need to invest in some string lights for your deck. You can go with customizable LED string lights if you want the chance to change the mood and color of your deck lighting at will.

7. Team Pride

People who love sports love any opportunity they can get to show off their team pride. Why not add this sense of pride to the decoration and colors of your deck in 2023? You can find all your favorite sports memorabilia, and make your deck look truly unique by finding the perfect place to hang them up. Additionally, you can plaster your favorite team’s logo onto shade setups, built-in storage containers, and pretty much any other area of your deck that you can think of.

8. Ceiling Fan

Even if you have a great shade setup for your deck, the hot summer weather can still become unbearable from time to time. If you have the right place to put one, adding a ceiling fan, or some type of industrial fan, on your deck can let you keep the good times rolling throughout the summer, no matter how hot it may end up getting.

Get Ready for a Stellar Summer

With these deck add-ons, you can easily make the summer of 2023 a stellar, exciting time that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. If you love to host, you need to find new ways to keep your guests thrilled every time they come over to enjoy your deck, after all.

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