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6 Fantastic Features to Include in Your Custom-Built Homes

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Custom-built homes are one of the most prestigious, classy investments a person can make. Homes help to keep you financially stable and can provide you with a dream living setup that will make your day-to-day life an absolute joy. If you’re looking to build a custom home soon, here are six fantastic features to include in your custom-built home:

1. Kitchen Islands

Making your kitchen modern, sleek, and a joy to use is key when investing in a custom-built home. Most modern kitchens now use kitchen islands to free up space and ensure that there’s a central area for people to cook, enjoy food, and socialize. Additionally, they look phenomenal, and can greatly increase the value of your home. Kitchen islands can help you store all of your kitchen appliances in one central place as well, as you build your oven, dishwasher, and other add-ons into the kitchen island with ease. If you’re someone who’s always hated how cramped your kitchen feels, building an open floor plan kitchen with an island is the dream option you’ve been searching for.

2. Built-In Storage Wall Spaces in Your Custom-Built Homes

Speaking of saving space, you can talk to the custom house builder you’re working with, and see if your current design can build storage spaces into the walls of your kitchen, living room, and some bedrooms. This new trend allows you to easily keep your living space clean and neat and helps you avoid the costs of heavy dressers as well. Think of built-in wall storage spaces as pantries for every possible room in your home. Installing these after a home is built can be difficult, so if this feature interests you, you should make sure it’s included in your custom home’s design plan.

3. Clean Energy for Custom-Built Homes

Having an energy-efficient home is an absolute must in today’s economic and environmental landscape. Not only is it crucial that you support efforts to make energy green, but you owe it to yourself to install clean, affordable energy sources in your home. Solar panels are particularly popular, as they’re fairly affordable to install, they’re convenient, and they save you hundreds of dollars on energy costs every year (if not more). If you’re interested in solar panels, you should check out government programs in your area, as they may help fund your solar panels (or install them for free).

4. High-Tech Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets often feel like a frivolous aspect of a home’s design. That being said, there are now much more advanced, high-tech electrical outlets that you need to invest in when building a brand-new home. You can add USB, lightning ports, energy-saving features, and much more to your electrical outlets if you go with modernized products. Some outlets even have remote or wireless charging capabilities for certain devices. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your electrical outlets are placed in convenient, useful locations throughout your home. So sit down with your home builder to determine your dream setup.

5. Wood Flooring

Determining what type of flooring you want in each room of the house is one of the more complex decisions you’ll need to make when creating a custom-built home. Wood flooring is highly recommended, however, as it can be installed with ease as your home is being built. More importantly, wood flooring is both stunning and easy to care for. Those who live with large families, or who have a lot of pets, will appreciate how simple it is to clean wood flooring as well. Anytime the floor needs maintenance, you can repair it with ease, and add some sealant to help it shine for many more years to come.

6. Mudrooms

If you’re looking to fully enjoy the area outside your home, or if you’re outdoors all the time, you’ll benefit a ton by adding a mudroom to your home’s design. Think of it as an entrance hallway that’s been expanded into a room. It allows you to keep all your dirtier or outdoorsy belongings in a single space and provides you with an area to clean up and drop your dirty clothes before entering your pristine, clean custom home. After a long session of mowing the lawn, you’ll be glad you installed a mudroom in your home.

Become Your Own Dream Designer

By working closely with the person building your home, you can become your own dream designer, and craft a home that will make you feel like a true legend. Every feature you add helps you perfect your custom-built home that much further. Consider your hobbies, personal needs, health needs, and social needs, and you’ll quickly begin putting together a list of fantastic add-ons and features you can include in your dream home’s design.

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