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Top 10 Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

by ariaakachi

Saving money by any means can really help individuals and families, in these tough economic times. You can save money by unplugging electronics and appliances when they’re not in use thereby helping to conserve energy.

That could use a few extra dollars at the end of the month and this is important for any family that is eco-conscious. All appliances and electronics when they’re not being used and the money saved might be more than you would think, an electrician Northern Beaches recommends unplugging.

1. Insulate, insulate, insulate – your loft, your walls, and your windows

Just as most of your heat is lost through your head on a cold day, a quarter of the heat in your house is lost through your roof. If you haven’t already insulated your loft space this is a great place to start and this will give you the biggest savings.

You can have them checked with the help of the electricians of Northern Beaches Sydney. How thick depends on the type of insulation that you use, look for a high K value which indicates a better insulator.

Your windows are other heat leakers. If you haven’t got double glazed windows, then this should be the first consideration, even if you live in a house with preservations orders or graded listings you can usually still fit internal glazing which will not impact on the external appearance.

2. Replace your bulbs

There is a whole range of energy-saving bulbs and light fitting that work with great efficiency. A standard 50-watt bulb can easily be replaced with a 4 watt LED, reducing your energy output by 90% and in most cases making very little, if any, visible difference to the light emitted. You can have the bulbs replaced with the help of the Northern Beaches electrician.

3. Is it time for a new boiler?

If your heating system relies on an oil boiler, or worse still an electric heating system, then you could save thousands of pounds a year with a biomass boiler. Cheaper running costs than a gas boiler and with a more reliable and stable fuel source, a biomass boiler running on pellets or wood chips could be the answer.

4. Turn the heating down

Sometimes the simple ones are the best. You can save a lot of money by turning the heat down. Could you cope with a jumper and a blanket on the bed at night? Maybe if it gave you a bit more cash in the hand.

5. Put less water in the kettle

Kettles are energy-hungry – in fact, anything that uses electricity to heat will get your electricity meter ticking. We’re not suggesting that you stop ironing your clothes, but getting an energy saving (one cup kettle) and only boiling enough for your needs will save you pennies every time you boil, and everything adds up.

6. Power shower quicker

It used to be said that you could save energy by having a shower rather than a bath, but with modern power showers that are starting to change. If you’re spending longer than 7 minutes in the shower then you are using up more than an 80-liter bath full of water.

And that water needs to be heated, even with a combi boiler heating the water as you use it; you still require the same amount of energy to heat that body of water. Try to keep showers less than 4 minutes – any more is really a waste.

7. Thermostat your radiators

If we’re honest, we don’t use every room in our house every day. Do you need to heat the spare bedroom or the study if there’s no-one in it? Make sure you have thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) installed on all radiators.

Turn them off for rooms that are empty and turn them down in the bedrooms to create a comfortable temperature whilst you sleep. You can get more advice from the Northern Beaches emergency electrician.

8. Get a timer thermostat

Get one fitted to a central wall in the house and set it to a comfortable temperature, set it lower when you sleep and then back up again in the morning so that you can get up to a toasty house.

Make sure you set it to switch off when you are out of the house, although if you are away for periods of time whilst it is cold then it’s best to time your boiler to come on for a few hours a day just to prevent freezing pipes.

9. Get an energy assessment carried out

Everyone gets an Energy Performance Certificate or EPC when they move house, but most don’t think to have a full check of their house, an energy assessment with the help of electrical contractors Northern Beaches, and where they can make savings.

If you have a large house or are thinking about investing in renewable energy then this really is a must. You need to have a full idea of the energy usage in your house. There must be electrical upgrades, where you can make savings and where you can make improvements for energy efficiency and heat loss.

10. Use free renewable energy to power your home

Not an energy-saving mechanism as you are still using the same amount of energy, only that it is free. Installing solar panels is a great way to save money on your bills, and also make a bit whilst you are at it. Installing solar panels to your property enables you to generate electricity from the sun all year round.

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