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7 tips to save for a designer bag

by sandeepdave

You’ve been dreaming about it for years: your own designer bag. You have had one in mind for many years and regularly walk into the (online) store to admire your dream bag. But unfortunately, your bank account does not allow you to get hold of it. We are going to change that because with these 7 tips it is still easy to save for a designer bag. 

1. Think of a goal

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You have your dream designer bag in mind, but now you still have to save for it. Research the bag first by searching a wallet for women online and see where you can shop ‘cheaply’. Then think of a goal: when do you want the money together. That way it is easier to save for a designer bag. 

2. Final a Budget

Thinking up your budget, You now know how much money your dream bag costs. Now it’s time to find out how much money you earn in the month and how much money you spend in the month. Write all this down and that way you can think of a budget for saving. That way you know exactly how much money you can put aside each month. 

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3. Bringing food

In the morning you are in a lot of hurry, which makes you forget to bring food to school or work. That way you get a nice sandwich again, but that costs a lot of money in the end. So make sure that you prepare all your food the night before so that you no longer have to buy expensive sandwiches. This saves you so much money and you can use that nicely for your designer bag. 

4. Set the amount aside You will

Often still have some money left at the end of the month (especially if you are doing it economically). Do you have 1K left at the end of the month? Then put this amount in your savings account. This way there will always be a little more money in your savings account and that designer bag will be in sight faster. 

5. Let people know

Let your family and friends know that you are saving for a designer bag. That way they can point out to you if you spend too much money on other things. They also immediately know what to give you for your birthday (money!), So that you can buy that dream bag faster. 

6. Pay attention to the discounts

Pay attention to discounts and promotions when you go shopping, for example, or when you have to shop for new clothing. There are often plenty of fun promotions, so you can put a cheap meal on the table or a nice summer dress with a discount. 

7. Cash

Pin an amount for each week, agree with yourself that you can only spend this money and leave your debit card at home. Because it’s so easy to spend money with your debit card and you often don’t even notice that. You put the money that you have left at the end of the week in your piggy bank or put it in your savings account. They are only small amounts, but it helps!

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