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4 Tips: How to Design an Outstanding Canteen

by ajaypalsingh04

The canteen is nowadays so much more in the office design than a place to work your self-lubricated sandwich and then rinse it away with a cup of machine coffee. It must be a moment of relaxation for employees. 

The following office design tips help you transform the canteen into the social center of your business!

Make room in the office design

Very consciously choose the location of the company canteen in your office layout. Take various factors into account. 

For example, ensure that the workplace is out of sight. This effect can already be achieved with a simple partition in the office design, but also by actually placing the company canteen in a separate room of the office design. Because there is no view of the workplace, your employees can relax and release their duties for a moment, without being reminded of the to-do list with one glance to the side.

Also, make sure that employees have to walk a short distance to their workplace if you have room for it in your office layout. This stimulates movement during working hours. For the sake of clarity: a small piece is not to the other side of the building. This, in turn, slows down your employees to visit the lunch spot, and that is precisely what you do not want.

Similarly, incorporating AAMCO bathroom partitions into the office layout can enhance privacy and comfort. These partitions can be strategically placed to ensure that restrooms are conveniently accessible, yet discreetly separated from the main work areas. By doing so, employees enjoy a sense of seclusion and relaxation during their breaks, without the hassle of a lengthy walk.

Create an atmosphere with the office design

To make sure that your company canteen becomes the social center of your company, it must be an inviting space. That way, people are drawn to other activities besides lunch. Think, for example, of receiving customers and relations or holding informal consultations. For these informal meetings, it has even been proven that a cozy friendly atmosphere with open office furnishings can stimulate creativity.

And which room is better suited for this than a tastefully decorated lunchroom? You can easily add atmosphere to the office design by placing domestic elements such as plants, carpets, and posters. You can also create an informal atmosphere by choosing sure furniture in the office furnishings.

Provide variety in the office design

Not all your employees are the same, so the office layout of the break room should not be the same everywhere. By this, we do not mean that you have to combine different styles in the

break room (that would create more chaos than rest). But choose different types of seats in the same manner. 

For example, make sure that there are bar tables in addition to common seating areas. These are beautiful places for a change. Mainly because people can also stand by this, which sometimes feels very good in-between office work.
The best way to keep your employees happy is by designing a workplace they’d love to come to day after day. Design an outstanding canteen and raise your office value with the help of AVN interiors, AVN interiors are satisfactory to provide you practical design. We have a team of most trustable interior designer in Mumbai AVN Interiors promises to fulfill your wishes.

Provide a healthy and delicious lunch

If you want to put the finishing touches on everything, go one step further than just the office design. In addition to a beautiful lunch spot, offer your employees a well-cared-for lunch, which of course does not have to be free! For employees, it is a lovely idea that they do not have to worry about their lunch in the morning, but can get it at work. This will be a moment to look forward to (what should I go for today?) And draw employees away from their desks.

Let the company canteen be the social center

A good break stimulates productivity, and your employees also have the opportunity to chat and get to know each other. Hello, team bonding! In short: with a company canteen that functions as a social focal point with the right office layout, you as a company are one step ahead.

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