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Collectible Coins: 3 Tips for Getting Started with Collecting Coins

by Ruhia

Coin collecting is a hobby worth $11.5 billion that is also growing at a 10% rate. Part of the reason that this hobby is so popular is that the value and equity that you get can be quite lucrative. People who collect coins often appreciate history and the study of people and societies. Regardless of what interests you about this hobby, you’ll need some words of advice that will get you started on the right track. The points below are worthwhile if you’re interested in learning more about collectible coins and getting the most from them. 

1. Learn About the Different Types of Collectible Coins

The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of collectible coins options you like the most. It’s more fun and interesting to collect coins that you have a liking for, and you will be more likely to stick with the hobby. 

Many people appreciate firefighter challenge coins, while others focus on different branches of the military. You might also enjoy coins that were currency for different governments and civilizations. Knowing the different kinds of coins that are available can help you build your coin collection soundly, while also getting all of the information that you need. 

2. Get Some Supplies and Storage for Collectible Coins

Next, make sure that you get whatever you need in terms of supplies and storage. Your coin collection is something that you will want to show off and marvel at from time to time. To do this, your coins should be kept clean and smudge-free, and you should have the storage setup that best suits you. 

Some people prefer keeping their coins in books with coin slot sleeves, while others prefer to keep their coins in cases or other more substantial forms of storage. You might also need to look into safes and safety deposit boxes if you have some valuable coins. 

Make sure to also stock up on coin-collecting supplies like magnifying glasses, cloths, and gentle cleaning solutions. The key is to prevent your coins from being damaged, while also not stripping and damaging them with harsh chemicals and exposure to the elements. 

3. Join a Coin Collecting Club

Just about everything in life boils down to relationships. Collecting coins can be just as much a social activity as anything else. Join a formal club of people who collect coins and exchange ideas and information. 

This will push you to build the best collection possible and will give you a circle of friends that you will appreciate spending time with. Always be networking, and find certified coin dealers to do business with. Subscribe to coin-collecting publications and make sure that you always have resources to check coin values and to get other important information. 

Start Your Coin Collection

The hobby of collectible coins can be incredibly fulfilling. When you start the collection with these tips in mind, you should never have much trouble building an impressive collection. No matter what kind of coins you like, the tips above will be helpful to you.  Check out our other articles to stay up-to-date on coins and other types of collections. 

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