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6 Effective Ways to Declutter Your Storage Room

by ariaakachi

Most homeowners keep one room to store those items that they use less often. Usually, this room is overcrowded with various unwanted stuff. Unevenly spreading all your items will not just affect the aesthetics of the room but also make it difficult for you to find the required things at the right time.

If you are planning to get more boxes and baskets to organize the stuff, then it is not a permanent solution. Other boxes and baskets will add on more stuff in your storeroom.

It is better to clean and organize this room at optimum. You should clean it and remove all unwanted stuff. First of all, you should collect the cleaning supplies like a backpack vacuum cleaner that you will require during the cleaning task. You should plan the cleaning and decluttering task on the basis of the end result you want.

Here, in this article, we have listed some tips and tricks that will help you to clean your junk room:

1. Make A Plan

Initially, the storeroom was not designed to become a dedicated dumpster but the motive behind creating a storeroom was to store extra things in your house that you use less often. But, gradually they take over the role of dumpsters.

You should create a plan for decluttering and cleaning your storeroom. Imagine, what kind of room you want? Do you want to transform it into another room or want it to be the same? Set the objective and follow the right path to attain your motive.

2. Set A Limit

Make sure you set a fixed time limit to deal with clutter in your storeroom, otherwise you will end up your whole day in sorting out the heap of clutter. It is recommended that you should start with big items so that you do not finish the time limit in just sorting out the stamp collection. If you will start with small items then you will be tired and discouraged as well.

You can get one simple kitchen timer and make a plan to complete your work before the deadline. Therefore, you should collect all the required cleaning and decluttering tools and supplies in one place. You will need big dumpsters, vacuum cleaner, mop, etc. to declutter and clean your storeroom. You should check the backpack vacuum cleaner reviews.

2. Clear Out The Clutter

You should never organize the clutter again in your storeroom but you should get rid of it. There are different ways to remove the clutter -selling, trashing out or recycling. Based on the condition of the items, you can decide any path out of all these.

While removing the junk item, you can recollect those that you really love. For example, you can get back the old travel poster from the junk heap, frame it and display it on your walls.

3. Discard Non-Reusable Items

While tossing makes sure your discard only those items that can not be reused. If there is anything that is in good condition and no longer needed by you, then you should consider reselling or recycling. In addition to this, you should also check your clutter twice to make sure that it contains only unwanted stuff.

4. Sell Your Former Junk

There are various online places that help you to sell your old items such as eBay.  You can get good cash for old stuff. You should toss out those items that you can sell on an online website and get good money for that.

You will get a reasonable amount for your items.  Finally, clean the shelves and floor with a backpack vacuum cleaner commercial to clean the dust accumulated due to clutter

5.  Measure Your Success

After a few hours, check the time left in the timer clock. If you have a good time left around, you can start organizing small stuff. Decluttering is an endless task and you should set different milestones before the final destination of decluttering journey.

At the end of all tasks, you should clean the shelves with a microfiber cloth, start organizing the required stuff back on these shelves. Clean the floor with a commercial backpack vacuum and wet mop so that you can place back the big items inside the storeroom.

6. Repaint The Walls

If the storeroom walls are crumbling, then you should consider repainting the wall with a bright color. The fresh wall paint will make your storeroom look like a new one. After painting the wall, leave the room for some time let the paint get dry.

After painting the walls, once again clean the floor with a good vacuum cleaner and wipe it with a wet mop for the final touch. Before putting back all the stuff, decorate the room with an alluring poster, wall frames, and good lighting fixture.

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