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Five Great Reasons to Raise a Family in Edmonton

Five Great Reasons to Raise a Family in Edmonton

by Irfan Haider

Edmonton isn’t that of a bad location to buy your sweet home and go live with your families. Why? Is it better than Old Montreal activities? or Toronto? Some aspects of Edmonton are worth considering, the best is to choose in West Edmonton. As lots of opportunities and facilities are abundant to hold for. Well, let us skip the useless talk and skip to the five reasons to raise a family in Edmonton.

The valley zoo:

No one can hate a zoo and certainly not the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Children love to see wild animals on the real rather than from the TV and the Edmonton zoo can be a great scenery. Of the wild, its usual attraction for children is the giant Asian elephant and little over 350 species of animals that reside there. And not just kids, your whole family would enjoy here.

Cool access to the great highways:

The west end of Edmonton is to the intersection of Whitemud and Henday integration, just to the west. While on the side of Timberidge is just 3 minutes to Edmonton from the starting of Henday and 6 minutes from Whitemud. It’s just too easy for you to sweep towards the highways and change your lanes to visit distant places, highways included. Also, there are no bad roads at all, nor any landslide dangers. Just clear winds and your free spirit.

The love of Costco:

Minutes away from the life of fun shopping and you can end up with incredible bargains, even saving several dollars to get your family some extra treat. Isn’t that good for you and your little children? Costco is just in the view distant path and spending coupons on the wrong places is just over for you. Head over to Costco, run your coupon to get easy discounts, on snacks, items, retail prices even brought down to the half. If you want to live at Timberidge, the job becomes easier and worth every penny you spent there.

For rich families, the state of Lewis estates the Golf course:

Edmonton also has a golf course for family members to enjoy and rip their spare time for some skilled fun. Aside from rich and business families planning to raise theirs in Edmonton, you have your party place right here. Lewis Estates golf course is also the most popular and prestigious golf course in Edmonton, also located on the west side of the city. You can give it a regular visit with your buddies if you plan to live on the west side.

Nature’s resources of Parks and green spaces:

Your family would always love to visit the green spaces, parks and green environment, no other region is as better as Edmonton. Over the land of spacious trees, grasslands and the steep mountains, you can plan on a great hike, even a great picnic with your family and enjoy the weekends. All of that in just one place, why leave Edmonton and go to another region. Raise your family here and live with happiness.

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