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Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton- A Summary of Her Birth, Age, Height, and Career

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Tammy Slaton and her sister with over 1000 pounds/286kg boxy bodies set an example for the young generation. Her recognition as a top media personality, professional vlogger, YouTuber, content creator, and TV cameo doesn’t need any evidence to prove her multiple skills. This American heavy-weight celeb has created a historical record. She is a real heroine and her bold appearance on TV shows mesmerizes people who love her very much. Her interesting biography casts spell on readers and fans who want to know about her age, health, height, color, ethnicity, etc. She is the champion of this era. 

Who Is Tammy Slaton?

Tammy is a very hot and attractive super heavyweight TV personality. This American actress participated in a sought-after reality show entitled 1000 lb Sisters. She and Amy have obese. Their presence on any TV channel is palpable and they create a separate place for them. People remember the Slaton sisters with honor. 

 Tammy Slaton – Where Was She Born?

Dixon is the unforgettable place where Tammy Slaton was born. She grew in Kentucky. Her exact birth date is 27th July 1986. Her previous days were mysterious and adventurous. A glimpse of the adolescent period is still unbreakable to defy the latter part of her womanhood 

days. The flashback beckons her to revisit her county to recollect lost moments to scan. Her intimacy with the natural phenomenon made a bond of love. She got awesome parental care and love to reshape herself in a different way.

Her parents reared up the small girl with care. She is proud that she has responsible and duty-bound parents whose support is a must for her to move forward. She has also a junior sister named Amy Slaton, another dashing maverick lady. Both are weighty and important for their admirers. 

Tammy’s Ethnicity and Nationality 

In short, Tammy is Christian by ethnicity and American by nationality. At a very younger age, she had to bear the pain of bereavement as her father(Bugger Bob) died early. She and her sister had to grow under the supervision of her mother Darlene Slaton. From the beginning, the Slaton sisters struggled to earn their livelihoods. A new reliable news agency confirmed that Darlene was again married to Franklin dating back to 2013. 

Family History of Tammy Slaton 

Tammy Slaton has a complicated family background. Her original mother, Darnel, started new marital life after the wedding the second time. She and Amy are fathered by the first husband of Darnel. However, Chris Combs is the young brother of Tammy. She has total of one sister and a brother to make it three to complete the family of her first father. 

From her second marriage, Darnel got two beautiful babies – Wayne and Crystal. So, it is a little bit big family background. Amy and Tammy are both 1000 pound heavyweights. These obese celebrities steal the shows aired on various TV channels. 

Education of Tammy Slaton

Tammy and Amy Slatons are not erudite or scholars. They simply completed their schooling at Union County High School based in Morganfield, Kentucky. Later, Tammy went to college for garnering a graduation certificate in arts. 

Tammy Slaton – Wiki Height, Age, Physical Appearance and Hair Color

  • Good Name       – (Tammy Slaton)
  • Nick Name          – Tammy
  • Profession          – Tammy is a popular Television Personality cum Social Media Influencer/

 content creator, Vlogger, Youtuber, and Entrepreneur.

  • Ethnicity:                No reliable evidence but she is American with Christianity
  • Marital Status:    Unmarried but she has grown relationship with Ex-Jerry Sykes
  • Boyfriend Name: Now she has friendship with Phillip Redmond
  • Age:         35 Years (2021)
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Weight: (Approx.) 286 kg
  • Eye Color:              Blue
  • Hair Color:           Blonde

Personal Information

  • DOB:                       27 July 1986
  • Birth Place :        Dixon, Kentucky, United States
  • Current City:         Kentucky, United States
  • Zodiac sign:           Leo
  • Religion:                 Christian
  • Nationality :         American
  • School Name:     Union County High School
  • Qualifications:     Graduate

Family Profile

  • Father Name     Bugger Bob
  • Step Father Name           Robert Franklin “Frank” Rednour
  • Mother Name   Darlene Slaton
  • Siblings Name    Chris Combs (Brother)
  • Amy Slaton (Sister)
  • Career
  • Source Of Income            Acting, Social Media, vlogging and TV shows
  • Net Worth, Salary            $2-3 million USD (Approx.)

Acting Career of Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton got a chance to act in the TLC series, 1000lb Sisters. It is a glossy reality show to promote two sisters on a single go. In this reality program, they confessed that they were cutting and burning fat. They have the ambition of becoming slimmer babies. The hardest reality is their unjustified and unprecedented overweight 

which should be minimized for the sake of nurturing happiness to experience. After successful completion of 2 seasons, the shooting is taking place for airing the third season. 

A Glimpse of Tammy Slaton’s Success Story 

Tammy has invincible unbroken power to explode for good causes. Tammy and Amy are two magnets to tempt Generation Z teens. In 2011, Amy planned to introduce a commercial channel making a collaborative approach to launch Slaton Sisters. They posted the first video New Slaton Sister Vlog in 2014. It was a small outlet for them to take their online content to the world for being viral. Just 1 year later, they again gifted another video named Chubby Bunny Challenge. It was an interesting video for teens. Amy and Tammy became pinnacles of eyes to attract fans across the world. 

Amy and Tammy Slaton – As You-Tubers 

Side by side, both American super heavyweight ladies joined social media sites like YouTube and Instagram. Being you-tubers, they posted their colorful images in 3d packs to increase the viewership rates. Her latest you-tube accounts have a wallet of over 1.9 million likes to set a record. They didn’t end their self-pace research. 

The journey which they began in 2018 continues without any end. It is the damned reality that they will not disappear like shooting stars. Besides, Tammy Slaton is a regular blogger and content creator. Check their profiles, videos, podcasts, and a handful of snapshots of these two giant celebs. 

Is It Rumor? – Tammy Slaton Covid

My Goodness! Tammy survived after spending a 14 day quarantine period during a pandemic outbreak. She had the symptoms of Covid. Her 1000 pound figure made her more anxious. Her fans apprehended the danger as she visited local restaurants and kiosks with her ex-boyfriend. This caused a severe breathing issue. Doctors detected covid in her tested blood samples. Tammy Slaton covid incident spread to hit prime TV channels and newspapers. Her YouTube subscribers are tense and they like her arrival with a longer life span to share time with them on social media forums. Finally, this celeb was taken out of 14-day long quarantine.  

Is Tammy Slaton Still Alive?

People have hype and curiosity about the health of Tammy. They wrote on Instagram, “Is Tammy Slaton still alive?”  Her health concerns made people over-anxious. The lethal expansion of this virus did not let Tammy go scot-free. After vast enquiry, social media and news reporting agencies wished her for a great return from the jaws of death. 

Fatty Pocket on Tammy Slaton Forehead

Tammy and Amy are two reality stars with numerous admirers and well-wishers. Tammy has a distinct feature that keeps her position a couple of meters high from Amy. Tammy Slaton forehead has a lump filled with fat. It is bulging with slightly wavy to fluctuate during body jerking. Family members have told reporters that she has this fatty pocket from her childhood. The previously shot photos have the same forehead bearing the protrusion. On being asked, the specialist of hers thinks that she has got such bumpy muscle build-up due to the recurrent episodes of fat burnout for slimness. 

 1000 lb Sisters Tammy Slaton Faced Injustice 

The tragedy hit 1000lb Sisters Tammy Slaton. It was not suitable for you to digest. Tammy sisters have plans to remove their over-excess deposited fat from their bodies. They are humans like other sociable women in the world. It is a pain that weakens them slowly breaking the hope for survival. Their movements are slow with unsteady steps to amaze viewers. Both maintain very tough diet for shrugging off extra pounds of flesh to become thin to look elegant. 

Tammy does not eat much fat-based food and alcohol for safety. Amy follows the suite. They went to doctors for bariatric surgery. However, Tammy was denied because of her oversize solid body. Amy was qualified because she could deplete fat to make it possible for her to undergo bariatric surgery. Tammy is helpless due to her inability to meet the eligibility criteria. Her chef could not help her become extra thinner for surgery. It is not pleasant news for Tammy fans. 

Tammy Slaton’s Relationship/Marriage Life 

Tammy Slaton has had a secret and unrevealed romantic story. She dated Jerry Sykes in 2016. She fell in love accidentally as this relationship did not last long. Sykes became her backbone. His inspiration reinforces her confidence. They were cooperative, and helpful to each other. However, Tammy had to go for the separation in 2021. The reason is unknown. Again she got a dating proposal from another dashing guy named Philip Redmond. Her boyfriend has a supportive role to perform for the benefit of themselves to exist together. She has not yet decided to get locked in marriage. However, her dating with this dude will take shape of a permanent settlement. 

Tammy Slaton’s Stormy Romance – Any New Update for Fans?

Tammy’s family members do not backtrack as they are benevolent to befriend her. They monitor her health improvement. However, the short-lived relationship with Jerry(ex-boyfriend) had no future. One of the spokespersons of her family expressed her displeasure over the least co-operation from her ex-boyfriend. That guy grew his intention to take her to hell. Alas! It was not a good start for her in managing tons of fat overnight. She earned more fat to become weighty. It may be the cause of the fatal end in the first love-making session. 

Tammy Slaton’s Net Worth 

Her multiple domains for earning revenues are the creation of blogs/videos and infographics on Instagram. The earning sources are not stuck to only social media but she is a regular invitee to join the TV reality shows. The draft of her income is about $2-3 million USD. It is net worth of this legend. 

Unknown Facts to Know about Tammy Slaton

  • She never walks independently. 
  • She is a pan-gender. That means, she is comfortable to build up relationship with all genderslike trans-gender, agender, bi-sexual, and lesbian. 
  • Tammy is moody and liberal. 

What Does Tammy Slaton Like?

Tammy Slaton has an interest in obesity management. It is her great goal to reach. However, how does she spend her free-up time? It is not fully revealed by her. She does not leak whether she is a gamer or a passionate movie viewer. She has a knack in art, handcrafting, and book reading. Once, she gifted a presentation to her boyfriend. It was a crafted artifact. Besides, she likes to read books and journals. 

Where Is Tammy Slaton at Present?

Tammy Slaton’s whereabouts are mysterious as people are not able to find her after the Covid onset. Everybody wishes her to have a healthy life. For several months, she was not available for giving her time to reporters at press clubs. She liked to find her within walls spending incarnation.. This long social distancing forced many youngsters to believe that she is no more. However, there is little solid material in this conviction. Again she came back with a full-scale energy level. She posted her throwback selfie photos projecting her previous existence. On Instagram and you-tube channels, this spacious celeb is popping up with her cluster of new collections of recently covered pictures. 


Tammy Slaton is slowly recuperating from bad health. She had corona but she didn’t go down in frustration and fear. The third season of the 1000lb Sisters series- an American reality show on a commercial television channel is expected to start sooner with her comeback. Same way, she wants a lovely stress-free lifestyle by controlling obesity. If she is able to do bariatric surgery, she will have the gala days to enjoy. Salute her for indefatigable effort and dedication to become an all-in-one woman in the world. 

Frequently Ask Question(FAQ)

Q: Who Is Now Intimate Guy of Tammy?

Ans: Philip Redmond and Tammy seem to be made for each other. This dashing responsible dude is her lifelong partner.

Q: What Is Link of Her Official Instagram Account?

Ans: Her official Instagram profile link is https://www.instagram.com/official_tammyslaton/.

Q: How Old Is Tammy ?

Ans: 35 plus as counted in 2021.

Q: How Many You-tube Subscribers Has She Gained?

Ans: After landing on you-tube in 2018, her 1.19 active subscribers are resources for this lady for popularity. Instagram account crossed 200k views.

Q: What Is Name of Tammy’s Sister

Ans: It is Amy Slaton who assists her in becoming a topper.

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