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Mother's day cake

The perfect personalized Mother’s day cake

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“Hi mom, every day I may not say it to you but I love you more than my activities depict. I mean to be the nicest kid and stand on your expectations and I will do it. Bear with me maa till I become the perfect child you thought you have when you picked me in your arms the first time. Until then I promise to hug you, kiss you and tell you that I love you every day for the rest of my life.”

This heartfelt note penned down with a flow of emotions and dropping tears on the paper speaks for every kid on the planet. And we as peers know that it is true, but the latter of the conversation is also true. Well, this mother’s day we along with many have planned to give out of the box surprises for our moms and we know you want to do it. The biggest issue to solve the mystery maze for the days is to have the perfect Mother’s day cake that is personalized, delicious, and liked by my mom. 

Let’s start scribbling the kinds of cakes viable for mother’s day and select one till the end. 

Photo cake

Photo cake has bagged first place in the list because of how personalized and exciting they are. While placing the order the bakery you select will do for the picture of your mom that goes on the top of the cake. Select a priceless picture on a chocolate or pineapple cake and surprise your mom.

Multi-tiered cake

Multi-tiered cakes are amazing especially in case you are planning on a big mothers day and inviting all the moms you know who are your friends, relatives and neighbours. You can even choose for them to be fondant 

Wine glass cake

For the hap moms from the kitty parties, wine glasses will now be used for cakes. The wine glass cakes are nothing but usual cakes pierced with wine glasses in place of knives. Everyone raises their glasses and takes a slice of the cake. It can be eaten with a spoon. 

Cake Combo

Cake combos are the new deal when you have to make it extravagant and you have to do it when it’s mothers day. It includes a cake, some chocolates, mold like hearts, ice cream, and balls of chocolates. You may add handmade treats, ice creams, cookies, and stuff. 

Musical cake

Musical cakes are those that have a QR code on the top and as you scan it from your phone the song you have selected plays. You can choose a cake for your mom and a song that describes your emotions the best. It is new, trendy and your mom is certainly not expecting something of that sort. 

Midnight cake 

All cakes are favourite when sent at midnight. Chocolate, red velvet, coffee, orange, vanilla, pineapple, photo, poster, or designer cakes all are doable options for a beautiful celebration of mothers day. And do a favour let her grab the door. 

Heart-shaped cake

Heart-shaped cakes have caught pop popularity recently. They speak of emotions in ways no other cake can. Go for red velvet flavour to make it look like love spilt. Chocolate and coffee are also good options. And for old school mommies in love with pineapple go for the one. 

Pinata cake

Pinata cakes are trendy and also called smash cakes. Your mom may not be familiar with the concept and that is what will make it more interesting. Heart, balls, and many other shapes can be used. You may want to stick with the heart-shaped one, it is the day to show love to your mommy.

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