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Content Marketing Trends

Latest Content Marketing Trends for 2021

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With the advancement of technology, trends in marketing have changed rapidly. Gone are the days when brands used TV, radio, or billboards to promote their products or services. Today, businesses are adopting digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

There are many digital marketing techniques in this age, including search engine optimization, social media, email, video; however, content marketing remains the king of all. Content marketing refers to a method of creating and publishing valuable content online to drive traffic. It is one of the best ways to take your business to the next level of success by producing informative and engaging content and keeping your audience hooked.

With that said, content marketing is ever-evolving. It would be best if you stayed abreast of the latest trends and practices to stay ahead of your competitors and harness the benefits. So, are you looking for the newest trends in content marketing this year? Then, you have just come to the right place. Below are some of the key trends in content marketing:

#1. Interactive Content

How would you feel if you are only reading a simple text with no graphics or conversational information? You would probably lose your interest halfway through it. For this reason, no more digital marketers are relying on dull and boring plain-written content to attract customers. The new trend has forced businesses to create enlightening yet engaging content to grab their customers’ attention to read their content till the end. Producing interactive content requires a lot of time and thinking, but it is worth the efforts. Doing so will also help your link building strategy and rank your website higher on the search engines. However, make sure you are acquiring links from authoritative sites to avoid getting penalized by Google.

#2. Personalized Content

Customers today don’t want to be treated just like any other user. They want to have a more personalized interaction with your business. With so many businesses offering the same services as you on the internet, it is easy for customers to get their attention diverted. Therefore, the demand for personalized content according to customers’ needs and interest is higher than ever. If you want to generate potential sales, you should customize marketing campaigns for each customer depending on their customer journeys. That way, you can show that you value them and motivate them into buying your product or service.

#3. Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots

Although the latest technology trends cannot eliminate human intervention in everyday tasks; however, they have successfully streamlined the content creation process. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of those emerging technological advancements that has gained much recognition lately. It has changed the dimensions of business and enhanced the user experience. With AI-based software, your company can get valuable insights, customer data, and references. They can intelligently predict which type of content will be suitable for the audience.

Besides, chatbots can also complement your content strategy and get you ahead of the curve. These automated messages improve the customer experience. Instead of filling out an entire form, customers usually prefer this type of service. So, if you haven’t integrated it until now in your brand repertoire, make sure you add it to keep up with the trends.

#4. Podcasts

If you want a simple yet effective technique to promote your content, podcasts can be your go-to option. Customers that invest time in listening to podcasts have a genuine interest in your business. However, your company needs to be consistent with this strategy. Recording podcasts just for its sake or whenever your marketing team feels free wouldn’t do any good. You need to continually come up with creative ideas to engage the audience and pique their interest. Also, avoid adding advertisements during the podcasts as it breaks the rhythm and leaves the audience frustrated.

#5. Voice Search

Is voice search a part of your marketing strategy? If not, now is the best time to include it and make the most of this technique. Many research shows voice search is becoming the newest trend in recent days, and this trend will continue to grow. It is because more users today find it easy to speak instead of typing. Still, not many businesses understand its importance and are continuing to ignore it. However, if you plan to make voice search a part of your strategy, chances are you can get ahead of your competitors. Be mindful; voice queries are different from textual ones, so you need to take extra time before crafting the title and content. Voice searches are usually longer and conversational, so try to create full sentence content with relevant long-tail keywords.

#6. Videos and Webinars

Video content marketing isn’t a fad that seems to stop anytime soon. The majority of people today prefer visual over textual content. And why wouldn’t they prefer? Videos have the power of explaining everything to the users within minutes rather than spending time searching the article that best describes the solution. Therefore, if you haven’t added videos to your marketing strategy, now is the time to include them and generate high ROI.

Leverage your social media networks to grow the audience and engage with them. Applications such as FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok are on the rise for promoting visual content.

Also, webinars can prove to be a golden ticket for your content marketing strategy. A skilled and proficient salesperson can facilitate customers during their buying journey and generate leads.

#7. Featured Snippets

Have you noticed when you search any query on the search engine, an information box appears on the top page? That information box is a featured snippet. Featured snippets are an excellent way for the audience to get the answer they are looking for in a small box. These featured snippets help drive more potential audiences to your webpage and builds trust. Keep in mind the following points while creating featured snippets:

  • Write concise and easy-to-read content
  • Try to answer the question through a step-by-step guide
  • Employ structured data to help the search engine understand your content

Although featured snippets may not always mean users will click your webpage, these snippets can increase brand awareness.


Although many business aspects faced a downfall during 2020, content marketing continues to grow and remains on the top. Incorporating these ongoing trends will help your company achieve exceptional results. Apart from these trends, it is also essential to conduct your research and watch out for competitors’ strategies to make the content marketing campaign thrive.

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