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Knowing the Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

Knowing the Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

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The social thing has taken a completely new transformation and meaning in the year 2020. The key reason behind this swift transformation is the restrictions and constrains covid has imposed on people and society. People in the confines of their homes and offices have started using more social media and digital channels to stay connected and updated. 

Considering the trends Digital Marketing Trends 2020 has brought to picture, let us review the changes in social media activity, a shift in behavior, and the digital marketing trends that 2021 will bring to force. 

Live Streaming 

When staying at home, live streaming is the latest trend in action. The year 2020 when the corona imposed lockdown had brought everyone behind locked doors, many events were cancelled, social gatherings were put to halt, and personal meetings were postponed. This situation made people go for live streaming and live videos to attend events, gatherings, and connect in person. Now, people have got that addiction, and many are sure to follow the trend in 2021. This is expected to become a new trend of socializing with friends and family. If you go by the numbers, in 2020 live viewing on Facebook raised to 50%, and on Instagram, it rose to 70%.

Increase in Influencer Content

Influencer marketing, since its inception has experienced steady growth, but last year the growth was tremendous. People rather than juggling from one shop to another to buy a specific product are now putting their eyes on popular influencers for their updates and content. Instagram in the beginning of 2021 has become a powerhouse of influencers content. Competitions, giveaways, discounts, affiliate marketing, videos, audios, personal experiences, and stories have become influencers assets that people across the globe are eyeing on. Influencer marketing trends 2021 call for these features to generate buzz and driving engagement. Brands are increasingly getting into the coop of influencers marketing to retain and entice their widespread audiences. 

Social Media Purchase

You see, the trend is shifting from offline to online channels. This, in turn, is making social media as one of the top channels for discovery as well as purchases. The need to streamline the channels and provide a seamless way of accommodating social commerce space is evident. People are going through channels like Facebook, exploring products, and confirming purchases sitting at the comfort of their home. Adding to this, easy exchange and return policy defined by most of the brands have pushed the demand and growth of social media purchase. However, it becomes important to prioritize your listing and declutter your virtual space with only relevant information. 

Using AI in Digital Marketing 

Artificial Intelligence is one of the rising innovations with rapid technological breakthroughs. With an attempt to reproduce human thinking in AI frameworks, AI technicalities and implementations appear plausible. It extends to the length and breadth of technological advancements as it can compass anything and everything right from the search engine algorithms to robotics.

When it comes to digital marketing, 2021 and the future calls for Artificial Intelligence. It can help digital marketers make thoughtful and strategic decisions based on the budget, target audience, geographical reach, and brand requirements. The process eases the way to spot future trends while increasing the digital channel’s efficiency and optimizing user experience. Learn to incorporate AI into digital engagement and extract maximum growth benefits. One out of every 10 customers is unknowingly using AI without realizing that they are interacting with chatbots. More than 71% of marketers are using AI for providing customized business solutions.

Promoting Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is another trend for digital marketing in the year 2021. This caters to a new definition of enticing different groups of people. The trend attributes a number of large marketing campaigns for a smaller section of people rather than creating selected campaigns fr a larger audience group. This grouping can be done based on different perspectives, buying behavior, interactions, and target audiences’ demographics. This type of customer segmentation makes easy accessibility to the widest possible reach using unique preferences.

Integrating Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a technological and straightforward way of automating advertisements using AI. This works to target a more specific audience base. This advertisement style is changing the face of marketing and advertising with higher conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs. Compared with the traditional form of advertising, there are many advantages of programmatic advertising that provide an easy way out to individualize the advertisement. When integrated with various data entries of a different group of audiences based on unique preferences or behavior. The Jam Jar, the future of digital marketing lays it eye on programmatic advertising. 

Incorporating Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is the future that has already raised its bar in recent years. Buyers today are always looking for immediate responses to their queries. If they want anything at the moment, they would prefer responses and choices with immediate effect to instantly buy the product or service. Going by statistics, more than 82% of consumers look for a quick yet relevant response. This enables businesses to communicate how consumers prefer communication and have an instant mode of interaction across multiple channels. This kind of marketing facilitates a real-time connection between a brand and a consumer. This, in turn, helps boost the reliability and credibility of a brand. 

The Bottom Line

When talking about 2021 and the future ahead, there is much more than the future has in hold. This is because there is no end to evolution of technology and advancements that are taking their own pace in the modern era of digitization. So, as technologies keep upgrading, trends keep on changing and so do the digital marketing strategies experiencing an instant transformation of the virtual world. 

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