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Know everything about the Ashley Piercing

Know everything about the Ashley Piercing

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Each youngster or college going boy and girl wants to look unique and different from others. Ashley piercing is one of those concepts, which everyone wants to execute to look stylish enough. No doubt, it looks great, but there are lots of things that one needs to know before undertaking it.

First of all, it includes puncturing through the center of the lower lip and exiting into the mouth. It is very painful, but the youngsters who want to adopt it never worry about it. If you are also one of them, then read this entire article. Here you will get to know enough knowledge about this process and also the aftercare tips.

How much did it hurt?

It contributes to a higher pain level, even the people who have pierced before also accept that the small Ashley lip piercing is most painful. To achieve the complete process, the piercer uses a needle horizontally through the bottom lips into the mouth. Our lips have many nerves, and that’s why one may feel a greater pain than other piercing. Hence the pain is swift and sharp, but still, it is suggested to avoid for the person with lower pain tolerance.

Healing Process

It takes two to four months for healing, but it may take more than six months in rare cases. So it is good to ask your piercer before stopping the aftercare practices. Due to the sensitive location, it may occur more swelling while healing than other piercings. Therefore you need to take extra precautions for a few weeks to accommodate swelling issues. Using a small labret stud is also good in this term. Furthermore, it is in front of your teeth, so you have to be very careful while brushing your teeth. Apart from this, it is advised to have soft foods until you get used to navigating easily and safely to your new piercing jewelry.

Aftercare Practices

 No one wants an infected lip piercing,  so it is good to follow the aftercare rules strictly. Similar to other piercings, you need to stop touching or moving the jewelry to avoid skin trauma. However, it is difficult for lip piercing, but you have to control yourself for long talks.

Do not play with your new jewelry.

If you have a nervous habit of chewing your lips, it is advised to avoid lip piercing. If you have played with your new jewelry while chewing your lips, it may lead to serious complications like hypertrophic scarring or stretched puncture holes. However, the location is your lower lip, so it may be a little difficult to follow for a few people.


Keep your teeth clean always.

 Not only the lip piercing, but each piercing hole also needs extra care. Hence it is inside your mouth, so it needs extra oral hygiene, and you also have to practice the cleaning process multiple times on both sides of the puncture. Since it is near to your teeth, thus it becomes crucial to keep your teeth clean all the time. For this, you may carry a toothbrush and toothpaste, so you can quickly brush your teeth after having a meal. The cleaning practices are a must to avoid infections.

Avoid Tight Jewellery

 As we said earlier, there are lots of risks for more swelling than other piercings. So you have to keep a close eye on your jewelry. If you feel that your jewelry is tight, then immediately talk to your piercer and jeweler. They will suggest larger jewelry.

A Big No to Chemicals

However, the Ashley piercing looks unique with bold and darker lips, but you have to wait for it. Keep one thing always in your mind: the inside of the piercing takes more time to heal than the outside. So never think that your outside piercing is healed, and now you can use lipstick or any foreign substances. One has to wait until a fully healed piercing and talk to your piercer before applying lip color.

Who cannot get lip piercing?

 As we mentioned earlier, the person with lip chew habits is suggested to avoid it. It is because lip piercing demands to be left alone until fully healed. Even if you are using flat back disc jewelry, the labret stud will rub against your teeth and lead to serious trauma issues. Apart from this, the person with oral or weak enamel issues is also suggested to avoid lip piercing. They can adopt vertical labret piercing as an alternative.

Jewelry Style

If you feel that lip piercing is safe for you and you can bear the pain, then now it’s time to choose the jewelry style. First of all, keep in mind that the labret back flat disc is a must to avoid teeth damage. One can go with larger gemstones like diamonds or opals with a 14k gold ball. But do not forget to ask experts about safe jewelry types to avoid the side effects. Do not go with lesser quality metal; it may lead to serious trauma issues.

How much does it cost?

Well, the cost of lip piercing depends on your location. We strictly advised avoiding the local piercer. Always choose an expert while adopting any piercing. Maybe the expert will charge you higher than the local ones, but it is safe. It’s a bad idea to compromise with your most sensitive body parts to save a few bucks. An expert piercer may charge between $30 to $70 for a perfect operation.


However, there are so many nerve endings in the lips. Thus a misplaced piercing may affect the lip’s movement, and sometimes it leads to serious damage. So think twice before adopting this process, and we are reminding you again that always go with a good piercer you trust.

Furthermore, if you have achieved perfect Ashley lip piercings, you will put a unique impression on your friends and society. It will be fun to enjoy a new thing and make you look more stylish.

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