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Rhino piercing

Rhino Piercing- What Is It? What Are Pros and Cons? A Quick Overview

by Ruhia

Rhino piercing practice is not archaic but this piercing style was introduced in 2000. Since then, people have taken an interest in perforating the tip of the nose vertically to wear nose rings. It is a new type of fashion statement to change your look. Several Hollywood megastars and sports personalities like to do the proper rhino nose piercing. 

What Is Rhino Piercing?

Rhino piercing is a new variant and people prefer the perforation of hard cartilage at the tip of the nose. Through the surgical operation, a small hole is created in the nose cartilage. The drilling starts from the bottom portion up to the tip of the nose in a vertical way. Expensive ornaments like rhino nose rings are used by celebs to appear classic. 

When Did Rhino Piercing Start?

Rhino piercing

Rhino piercing method was not known to ancient people in Asia and Africa. They used to do the simple conventional nose perforation for wearing ornaments. This new trend for rhino piercing came to the market in 2000 and it continues. 

Rhino Nose Piercing- Is It Safe for Your Health?

Rhino nose piercing method is applied to beautify human beings. It is the custom among Aborigines and local folks to wear nose rings. Even modern people have the craziness to opt for the fantastic nose rings for wearing. After perforating the cartilage of the nose, the guy wears the top gold or silver ornaments. The painful perforation seems to damage the health of the victim. For deep penetration, a surgeon cuts the thick layer of cartilage deeply.

Perhaps, it is painful but modern surgery is quite harmless without giving discomfiture to the patient. The modern laser technology is non-invasive and comfortable for you to undergo cosmetic surgery. Therefore, it is not painful to pierce the nose vertically. 

Though the rhino piercing is not unhygienic, you need to be cautious of the side effects. Any symptoms of a pre-existing allergic reaction, inflammation, and infection can cause the occurrence of nose bleeding. The upshot of such cosmetic nose piercings is negative to affect your health. Therefore, you should value the advice given by your expert before nose piercing

Rhino Piercings – What to Remember for Safe Surgery 

Rhino piercing

Rhino piercings are not complicated surgery or costly treatment. Usually, modern guys prefer nose perforation as a hobby to wear jewelry. In movies, you will see many actors having nose rings in vertical shape. Rhino nose perforation is not time-consuming but you should remember a few points for safety. 

  • Sanitize your hands with soaps and qualitative medicated solutions for surgery.
  • The assortment of piercing tools and surgical appliances should have clutter clutter-free surfaces.
  • Q-tip cloth should be arranged for dressing and cleaning the wounds. 
  • In this connection, the application of a lukewarm saline solution is a must for proper device detoxification. 
  • Steer clear of bacterial infection to ensure the safest nose piercing. 
  • Wrap up all the surgical tools with paper or sanitized piece of cloth. 
  • The healing process takes time and therefore you need to groom patience. 
  • If the wounds or cuts are not cured, do not take the risk of piercing the nose rings. 
  • As a part of protection, consult with experts on how to be safe during post-surgical operation. 
  • Regular pierced nose cleansing is essential for you. 
  • Lastly, after clinical trials and diagnosis, you should go for the rhino piercings. 

What Is Stretched Rhino Piercing?

The stretched rhino piercing is a type of nose perforation. This specific style is popular as well. The stretched septum is the fleshy wall to act as a divider separating two nostrils. Your nasal cavities are properly maintained by this septum as a wall or divider. With a sharp needle, an expert creates a perforated hole in the Columell.

This hollow cavity is done with the help of a 14-gauge needle. However, sometimes, the surgeon opts for the 16 gauge sharp piercing device to complete the task. Before surgery, you should be in touch with consultants to know about the condition of your septum including columella. The anatomy of a guy does not match others. Therefore, you should be fit with the clean septum for quick perforation. 

Septril Piercing – A New Combination for You 

While doing the nostril surgery for inserting the jewelry for smartness, you need to be aware of the new variant – the septril piercing genre. It is a combo style combining the septum piercing and the vertical nose tip perforation. By making a deep cut through the tender fistula portion, you should reach the ending part of the nose tip.

There will be an opening outside the nose tip for proper septril piercing. The perfect septum-piercing jewelry is seamless rings, captive rings, pinchers, septum tusks, and spikes. Septum clickers are also suitable for you to wear to have an innovative look in the long run. 

How Long Will It Take Time to Heal the Perforated Nostrils?

Rhino piercings are small surgical operations but the process of wound healing is time-consuming. According to experts, a minimum of six months can be taken for complete recovery. During post-surgery, you should be careful about the imminent side effects and possible infection. In particular, an allergic patient is in danger of bacterial invasion after the creation of a deeper cut inside the septum and cartilage of the nose. In case the wounds are severe, the healing of the nostrils takes one year too. 

Rhino Piercing- How to Heal up the Wound Fast?

rhino piercings

Rhino piercing can deteriorate your nasal health if you ignore precautionary measures. Usually, there is no particular treatment to speed up the process of recovery and healing the cuts. You should not touch the wounds, which are getting dried up slowly. Apply the topical medicinal potion and gel to soften the cut. Often, due to aging, your septum and cartilage sections are hardened. In that case, the overall recuperation process takes a long time. Wait and see the change in your nasal health. It will give you a satisfactory upshot soon. 

Rhino Piercing – Rare Nostril Artwork 

Rhino piercing is modern nostril artwork. Celebs grow their interests to wear such fantastic jewelry on their noses. Comparatively, the rhino piercing method is uncommon and therefore you should take care of this process of nose piercing. First, you must give your details to the expert to check your physical framework including the condition of the septum. Doctors do a proper clinical examination to select your nose for artwork. The nostril piercing should not infect different portions of the nose. 

Rhino Piercings- Pros and Cons

Rhino piercings are advantageous for you but there are many disadvantages to tackle. The small perforated region on the septum does not bring any extensive damage to your oral health. Your face does not appear cumbersome after the complete rhino nostrils piercing. Modern guys are habituated to going to the beauty parlors to engineer their nose cartilages to tailor the holes for using the pieces of jewelry redefining their styles. With trendy clothing and shoes, they like to wear dynamic gold clickers and rings for their nostrils. 

The dark sides of rhino piercing are also prominently available to warn you of the possible danger. The deep cut is not always curable if there is any injury. Besides, diabetic patients with allergic reactions should not agree to have their nostrils punctured. It will be a mixed result taking them to the clinic for complicated clinical examination and therapies. 

What Is Cute Rhino Piercing?

Cute rhino piercing style has its distinctive feature widening the gap from the local or common nostril perforation. This new artwork of nose piercing is a form of cross-culture giving people a new type of nostril artwork. The dynamic eye-catching rhino piercing seems to boost up the machismo among nomads. However, in this modern century, rhino piercing practice has become a trend. It is inseparable from the mainstream of the society. Rhino piercing changes the course of your lifestyle from dull conventionality to the redefined modern aristocracy and Angel Bites Piercing also change your lifestyle.


Rhino piercing is not merely a custom but it enriches the culture of a community. It becomes a symbol of elitism holding you in high stature. Your status gets a new opening because of the trendy stylish rhino nostril piercings with complete artwork for enhancing physical elegance to a great extent. The needlework is extraordinary to make you a genius with a smart look eventually. 


Q: What is rhino piercing?

A: Rhino piercing is an innovative style of grooming personality. Your nostrils are pierced vertically and horizontally.

Q: Why is rhino piercing popular?

A: Rhino piercing is not a typical style but it makes you a rare guy with an excellent presentable look. It makes you elite.

Q: Is there any side effect of rhino piercing?

A: To summarize, the side effects include irritation, allergic reaction, inflammation, and permanent dark spots on the nostril tip.

Q: Is Rhino piercing costly?

A: Rhino piercing cost relies on factors like age, health condition, laser surgery, and post-medical care.

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