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Wicks hairstyle: A iconic style

Wicks hairstyle: A iconic style

by Ruhia

There is a story and misconception among people that there is only one locs style. But it is not true, and it is just a myth. Indeed, most myths we love to break and set usually turn away from the truth.

Maybe you see wicks hairstyle on social media platforms where celebrities wear the iconic style, and it is one of the latest hairstyle trends. I know you are interested to know about wicks hairstyle. So, you are in the right place to know about the origin of the wicks hairstyle, and I believe this article will help you a lot. At first, we need to understand what wick hairs are. 

Wick Locs:

Wick locs are among the densest locs you can get, and we naturally noticed that 5 – 10 locs are on the head. Hairstyle takes its name from the candle wick, which stands up straight, although long wicks hang down.

Wicked Hair and Beauty:

Wicked hair & beauty is famous Unisex Hair style salon in Southend. They deliver a fantastic service with warm welcoming. They always provide hair style and beauty as per customer’s requirement. 

Wick Locs Originated:

Wick locs originated from South Florida, but they came in the timeline when celebrities started to use this hairstyle. After that, people begin to imitate this style. It is not surprising that wicks found their way into mainstream loc culture, which affects the celebrities in public.

How to do Wick locs:

There are many ways to do wick locs. But we tell you the best ways to achieve a loc style. Otherwise, you can go to a wicked hair salon.

The Crochet method: The crochet method is the best way to achieve wicks, and it needs to combine locs with a crochet needle. You don’t have to wait for your wicks over time – you get them early. Here are steps you need to follow:

  • First, you need to divide your locs or loose hair and bind them using a rubberband. In consequence, you get an idea of how many wicks you want. The choices of everyone are not the same. One person wants a few wicks, another person wants more wicks. Bind the rubber band at the root of your hair.
  • You can use single, double, and triple crochet needles to cultivate your wicks and give your wicks internal and external structure. Holding your hair in your thumb, index, and middle fingers starts crocheting. Pull the Crochet tool repeatedly to the hair roots, inside and outside. For that, the Crochet creates a round shape. You notice the hair starting in an auction-shaped fuse and tunnels. Slowly the locs are moved down from entire wicks.

The Crochet Extension: The Crochet extension for long wicks. You can use it to lengthen your wicks. To start wick extend follow the steps:

  • Wick Extensions come in different sizes and lengths. Depending on your desired look, you can go for small, medium, big, or Jumbo Wicks. Select a suitable extension for your hair.
  • Give Oil on your scalp as per your choice.
  • Divide your hair and bind with a rubber band at the roots of each divided portion. It is essential to create the correct size for the extensions that you buy. If you do not obey the instructions, your new growth hairs are not matching with wick extension. If you have any doubt, you can consult with me. 
  • Use rat tail combo to undo a little bit of size from your wick extension. Some people bring loose for attachment, and others do not. You need some natural hair to crochet with loose hair. Start joining your natural hair and loose hair with a Crochet needle at the end of the view extension. Combine natural hair and loose hair by moving the needle inside and outside to create roundness.

Freedom Method: The other one is the freedom method. Here, start by allowing your hair to grow without manipulating and allow you to loc your hair freely. You need to wash and oil your hair.

Rubberband Method: The Rubberband method is one of the great methods to do wicks on loose hair. It is easy to do, and you must bind the loose hair department based on a rubber band. Leave rubber bands for three weeks and then see if your hair starts to be loc.

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