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Eczema on Eyelids

Eczema on Eyelids; Causes, Prevention, and Treatments

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As cringy as it sounds, eczema on eyelids is painful.

Yes, I’ve been through it and it is not cute at all. Had it not been for my neighbor friend, who’s a skin specialist in Islamabad. I would have never figured out what was happening on my eyelids. 

You might have heard of eczema before and might also know it as a dry itchy, skin condition but you probably would not expect it to be residing on the eyelids. Well, it turns out eczema on eyelids is a thing. Dry itchy patches on eyelids may be due to the development of eczema. If you are also going through the same problem, here is how to deal with dry eyelids. 

What is Eczema and why is it important to learn about it?

Let’s back up a little and educate ourselves on what exactly is eczema and what is it doing on your damn eyelid? 

Eczema is a chronic condition. Nothing to freak out about of course, but scary enough to cause rashes and inflammation on your skin. If you have atopic dermatitis, your top layer is usually not able to retain enough moisturiser to protect it and to keep it supple. People with atopic dermatitis generally have very dry itchy skin patches. The skin usually feels swollen, sensitive and obnoxiously red. 

Normally your skin will remain completely normal and then poof1 there are small rashes all over your skin. Triggers like sweat, harsh soaps, perfumed skincare products, and pollen can cause eczema to aggravate. This health condition can come at you with full force and though there is nothing deadly when it comes to eczema, the condition itself can be very irritating. 

You’re Lucky as Eczema is treatable

Before coming to the treatment part, you need to ensure if it’s not an allergy that causes eczema in the first place. Knowing what is exactly causing a rash on the eyelids will help you treat the condition as soon as possible. 

So what can be your Options for Treating Eczema?

According to the specialsts in at KRL Hospital Pakistan, you need to ask yourself the following questions. Is the eczema too severe? Is the condition spreading to other skin areas? Is it fungal development or is it just a rough patch of dryness? Make sure you are dead sure about eczema. 

If you think your condition is treatable and can save your heavy bucks, well it is often recommended to use heavy moisturizing. Apart from these moisturizing formulas, there are also non-steroidal creams that will help with inflammation in case you have an allergic reaction. 

Apart from this you should use the gentlest options so that you do not irritate the eczema development any further. Eyelid eczema can lead to other eye issues too, so any self-experiment using other products can be harmful. According to American Academy of Dermatology, people with eyelid eczema are automatically on the radar of pink eye, keratitis and keratoconus. 

If your eczema is not soothing down at all, here are some immediate actions to take for relief from eyelid irritation;

  • Moisturize. Again, as mentioned earlier, for mild reservations dryness and itching can be prevented without any prescription. They can be the most effective form of immediate solution to your eyelid problems. 
  • Corticosteroids. This is steroid based cream, which can be applied directly to the eyelids to treat inflammation and help with dryness. It can also be taken in the form of tablets depending on the severity of the symptoms. You can get a prescription and purchase it from your nearby pharmacy. 
  • Calcineurin inhibitors. It can only be used to treat inflammatory disorders like psoriasis or eczema. These are especially useful when you have allergic reactions. However, it should be used with great caution as it can affect the immune system. 

Apart from these treatment options you can also opt for other options such as;

  • Wear protective gear
  • Moisturize regularly 
  • Use less soap
  • Restrict any use for makeup especially on the affected area 
  • Any moisturize with parabens or fragrance should be avoided. 

In The End 

Try using natural products as much as possible. Stick with natural organic skincare. The best one is aloe vera and other forms of soothing ointments. However even after taking all necessary measurements eczema still happens, well then you should definitely run to a doctor

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