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How Has Advance Pricing Agreement Benefitted Indian Economy?

by nancyahuja

Advance pricing agreement in India is an agreement between the taxpayer and the Indian government. This particular idea was presented in India during the year 2012 by the Central Board of Direct Taxes to minimize the confusion concerning assessing costs for international transactions. 

How does the process work?

The process works through a mutual agreement amongst the taxpayer and tax authority by fixing the price of transfer pricing procedure, which, in turn, decides the price for the tax payer’s future international transactions. 

The advance pricing agreement India gets sealed upon some terms and conditions which are applied upon a certain period. The main idea behind singing APA is clarity and transparency over tax and other possible risks.

Transfer price, as mentioned above, can be considered as the charge that a company makes by providing finances and goods to another related company. Transfer pricing and Advance Pricing is mainly to keep a check on the big MNCs so that they cannot indulge in evasion of taxes.so it is quite important to keep things at bay and thus Advance pricing agreement which not only keeps things at bay but also helps you to think less about taxes and focus on your other works. 

What benefits do these agreements bring forward?

There are certain benefits to this kind of agreement. The first of which it helps to help your organization to reduce Tax risks. This is quite good for a country like India. Indian economy is a growing economy and one of the most volatile economies of the world. So there are enough tax risks for taxpayers in India, to avoid such inconvenience it is recommended to do the agreement. There are three types of APA which are as follows:

  • Unilateral APA: Unilateral Advance Pricing Agreement as the name indicates involves the company which will pay the tax and the authority of taxing of the nation where the organization is sited.
  • Multilateral APA: Multilateral Unilateral Advance Pricing Agreement comprises of multiple bodies which get into a transfer pricing agreement. These bodies include the Taxpaying organization which is situated in a country, the authority of taxes of the taxpaying organization, two or more accompanying enterprises to the taxpaying organization and respective authority of taxes of these countries where the enter prices are locates
  • Bilateral APA: To help you understand Bilateral APA in a better manner, we must elaborate on the elements included in the section. Well, this particular APA consists of a total of four entities. The first one on the list is the original taxpayer located inside the country. Now comes the second entity, and that is the tax authority of the taxpayer’s location. The associated enterprise (AE) of the taxpayer in any foreign country is the third entity. On the other hand, the fourth entity is the tax authority of the particular country, where the associated enterprise is situated.

Now, when systems are kept in place, and they are well maintained, the overall economy is all set to flourish, given that no ill practices are undertaken. And on the other side, your organization can also benefit from the tax benefits that you had been seeking for such a long time. Go, opt for advance pricing agreement India services.

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