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Our industry is characterized by extensive automation. Sensors play an increasingly important role in this. For example, machines need sensors to provide them with the right information, with which they can perform the tasks correctly. Today there are sensors in all shapes and sizes. Gefran, a renowned manufacturer of sensors for fifty years, offers a wide range of solutions for pressure, melt pressure, power, temperature, position, angle and slope. 

The history of Gefran dates back to 1969, when the company from Provaglio d’Iseo, Italy, started producing electrical panels for machines in the plastics industry. By continuously matching the range to the needs of the market, Gefran has become a specialist in the development and production of measurement and control solutions for industrial applications and machine building. The company has nine hundred employees in eleven production facilities and thirteen sales offices worldwide. The range includes quality sensors for pressure, melt pressure, force, temperature, position, angle and slope, but also numerous automation components, including process controllers (PID), solid state relays, advanced power controllers, indicators and alarm units. 

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Pressure sensors for every application

When developing new products, much attention is paid to the environment and safety. The company offers liquid-free melt pressure sensors or products with green solutions in accordance with the RoHS directive. Several products are also PL’c and / or SIL2 certified. Gefran is also responding to the trend towards the Smart Factory with solutions that can be easily integrated in terms of connectivity and that meet the needs for monitoring and diagnostic maintenance. One of the products in the range is the revolutionary, patented Impact melt pressure sensor for high temperature pressure measurement, which uses a piezoresistive element and does not contain any transmission fluid. This sensor is green, robust and meets Performance Level ‘C’. It is also available in an ATEX version. 

Hyperwave position sensor

Gefran also has various position sensors with the most diverse technologies in the range: from the well-known potentiometers to new technologies based on the Hall effect and the magnetostrictive measuring principle. The Hyperwave magnetostrictive sensor is a high-tech non-contact position sensor with an accuracy of up to 0.01% FS. The non-contact measurement prevents wear of the measuring element and guarantees an almost infinite service life of the sensor. Thanks to a completely new internal concept, the amplification of the signal from the primary element is ten times as high, so that the sensor’s measuring signal becomes immune to electrical noise, shocks and vibrations. 

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