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Why is CISSP a Top-Paying IT Certification?

Why is CISSP a Top-Paying IT Certification?

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The IT sector is witnessing tremendous growth since the dawn of this decade. This has led to numerous benefits for people across all industries. With the advent of newer technologies, a lot of organizations are taking their businesses online. This has led to an increased risk of Cybersecurity attacks. Cybersecurity is a term that has been around for a long time. Initial ignorance of Cybersecurity by organizations has led to some of the most disastrous Cyber-security attacks. A lot of companies have realized the importance of Cybersecurity for the protection of their data. The vulnerability that cyberspace comes with can be countered by active vigilance and security of data by using efficient Cybersecurity measures. This can be done by individuals possessing the required skills to deal with Cybersecurity attacks. This is where CISSP comes into play.

What is CISSP?

To protect themselves from Cybersecurity and other information security-related problems, organizations look for individuals who possess the relevant skills required to protect their data. The CISSP or Certified Information Systems Security Professional is an accreditation that validates an individual’s credentials, knowing Cybersecurity, data science, and the related branches. It is one of the top certifications in the IT industry and has been known to be one of the top certifications sought by employers. The CISSP certificate has remained valuable even after years of its introduction. This is because it has been providing individuals with recognition for their IT skills.

What are the areas covered in CISSP?

Eight domains come under the CISSP certification. They are varied in their scope, but all of them are related to IT security. When you look at all the domains of CISSP, you would understand that they are all related to Cybersecurity. The areas of CISSP cover all the aspects of Cybersecurity; therefore, if you want to build a career in Cybersecurity, you need to pass this certification first. It is the first choice of employers when it comes to choosing a cyber-security professional for their organization. 

Why is CISSP important?

With the increasing number of companies taking their business online, it has become essential for them to take care of their Cybersecurity. The IT infrastructure and the software assets of companies are under increased risk. They are looking for candidates who can adequately handle the company’s Cybersecurity issues and solve them at the earliest. Recruiters and HR managers use CISSP to screen candidates applying for Cybersecurity posts. Anyone not having a CISSP certification is instantly overlooked, as they might not be familiar with all the aspects of Cybersecurity. 

Why is CISSP a top paying IT certification?

You’ve heard it right. The CISSP certification will pay you well. It is one of the top-paying IT certifications, and individuals having a CISSP certification have been known to earn as much as $123,815 annually. Did the figure blow your mind? The salary aspect lures many people to get a CISSP certification. Let’s find out why CISSP pays you so much.

Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly popular.

CISSP is mostly about Cybersecurity, so, naturally, it is becoming popular among It professionals. Apart from that, big corporations also prefer CISSP certified professionals for Cybersecurity posts. This increase in demand and a comparatively lesser number of accredited professionals results in an increased salary.

It is trustworthy. 

CISSP has fulfilled the strict requirements of the International Organization for Standardization and International Electro-technical Commission standards. So, it’s no surprise that CISSP professionals are trusted to be efficient in Cybersecurity skills. 

CISSP gets you quick promotions.

It is a known fact that if you are a CISSP certified professional, you will be promoted more than the non-certified individuals. Promotions and increments are all a part of the perks of being a CISSP certified professional. All the top positions will pay you more than you would have got if you were an average employee.

CISSP is a stable certification.

This certification has been around for a long time; thus, you can be sure that it will last for a long time. The stability is another reason why this has so much value and, therefore, pays you more.

These were the reasons why CISSP is emerging as one of the top-paying IT certifications. If you want to advance your career in IT, the CISSP certification is a must for you.

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