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Getting Married in 2020? Here Are The Trends To Follow!

by alexjohn

Getting married in 2020? Well, it is the reason that you’re here, bride-to-be! There is nothing big in saying that bridal jewelry is something that gives a bride, the final look. The presence of Bridal Collection jewelry in the wedding ceremonies can’t just be ignored and 2020 is all tinged with playfulness. As each hour passes by, the latest trends in jewelry changes, however, you can catch its pace by going through the latest bridal jewelry trends for 2020 given below. 

Latest Bridal Jewelry Trends in 2020:

Bridal makeup is all about accentuating the eyes. As eyes become more prominent and prettier with the mixture of dark and light glittery shades. However, the beauty of eyes is further enhanced with heavy lashes/mascara and eye-liner. The lipstick depends upon the dress theme. Just as, makeup is important for the bridal outfit, jewelry is equally important. All the brides-to-be of 2020, make sure that you’re following the trends discussed here;

Trend #1: MathaPati

A bride is incomplete without Matha Patti. It plays a very essential role in giving the bride, the final look. And when MathaPati is embedded with Kundan, then there is nothing that can stop it from looking magnificent. It is one of the never-dying trends, 2020 can’t skip this trend.

Trend #2: Heavy-Neck Choker

In 2020, heavy-neck chockers for brides are still going to be a buzz! Undoubtedly, they look stunning on brides. Heavy neck choker ensures that a rich and a bold touch is given to the bride, which further makes the day more special. Some of the common types of neck chockers are;

  • Short edgy chokers
  • Temple Jewelry Choker
  • Jadau Choker Sets
  • Gold Chokers
  • Navratan Choker
  • Aadh Choker
  • Pearl Choker

Trend #3: Beaded Kundan Sets

Beaded Kundan sets are never out-of-style. If any bride wants to look elegant and simple at the same time while slaying the 2020’s trends then nothing can do better than Kundan sets. By wearing such striking necklaces sets, the lady of the moment is sure to have all eyes on her.

Trend #4: Oversized Rings

For those brides, who want to add a flashy yet bold addition to their overall look, should definitely consider wearing oversized rings. However, they not only make your look a little bold, but it also keeps the traditional thing alive. So let all the attention be drawn on your beautiful mehndi adorned hands.

Trend #5: Temple Jewelry

One of the most popular and never-dying bridal collection jewelrytrends, temple jewelry can never go out of style. It gives brides a very royal touch. If you are thinking of going with temple jewelry for your big day, then make sure that you mix it up with a Kanjeevaram sari.

Trend #6: Shoulder Dust Earrings

If you wish to flatter your long neck while slaying 2020 trends, then there’s one thing that you can do. And that is, going for shoulder dust earrings. These earrings look their best with off-shoulders blouses and gowns.

Trend #7: Statement Handcuffs

If you’ve dropped the idea of wearing chooda on your big day, then there is nothing better than replacing it with statement handcuffs. So, why not try something different and unique on your special day while slaying the look? With statement handcuffs, you can achieve that.

Trend #8: Oversized Nose Ring

Who is not inspired by Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding? Of course, we all! The way Deepika carried the oversized nose ring has inspired each and every girl with it. And this became a very latest trend after that. Without any doubt, this is surely going to be a rage in 2020 and a year after that.

Consider Your Own Options:

It’s your big day, you must have thought about some special things to do. Whether it be your wedding dress, your wedding makeup, jewelry or venue, make sure it matches your taste. Above 8 trends are sure to locate their way down the wedding aisles in 2020, but what matters the most is your choice, your preference, and the way you want to be seen on your big day. So, see which one of these fits your sense of style and finish off your look with elegance, charm, and style! Now, you all know what trends to follow in 2020! But, there must be one question in your mind, where can you find all that striking jewelry? There’s only one name, EasternRivaj! Eastern Rivaj Bridal Collection is so vast and appealing that it has something for every taste. So, celebrate the most romantic, memorable, and important day of your life by wearing peerlessly designed Eastern Rivaj Bridal Collection.

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