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How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring

How to Choose the Best Engagement Rings

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Ring true! The value of the fashion jewelry market exceeded $38.2 billion in 2021 alone. One reason why was engagement rings. 

Engagement rings are an important investment for any couple. But every person has their own understanding of what the best engagement ring is. If you’re looking for a beautiful ring, you need to make things easy and answer a few questions. 

How can you figure out the size and shape of your ring? What materials work best for engagement rings? How can you find the perfect custom jewelry?

Get the facts and you can find your perfect engagement ring in less time than you think. Here is your quick guide.

Select the Right Size

Your ring should slide onto your finger with a little resistance. The resistance should keep the ring from falling off or sliding around as you move your hand, but not make it too hard to put your ring on.

Measure your finger and your partner’s finger to make sure you have an accurate size. You can use a ruler or a piece of string as well as any other rings you own. 

A size-3 ring is 14.1 millimeters in diameter. One ring size is 0.8 millimeters bigger. 

Don’t buy a ring just because it is very large. While you want other people to notice your ring, you do not want the ring to become distracting or too cumbersome to wear on your finger.

If your hand changes sizes, you should get your ring resized immediately. Wearing a ring that is too tight can pinch your skin and cause circulatory problems. You can also order a couple of rings and try them out with your partner to see what fits.

Think About Ring Settings

Your ring setting affects how your stone is presented. Many engagement rings are solitaire rings, with a single diamond in the middle of the band. These rings are traditional and classy, but they can be a little boring and generic. 

Halo rings are one of many popular jewelry trends. As the name suggests, your center stone will be surrounded by small diamonds, forming a sparkling halo. The small stones also call attention to your center stone, making it seem larger. 

Trilogy rings have three stones. One stone is in the center and one stone is on either side. The three stones represent your past, present, and future, and you can select a different color and texture for each one. 

The cathedral setting has arches of metal that flank your center stone. These arches resemble a basket holding your stone up, similar to the ceilings in Gothic cathedrals.

You can find many uncommon settings as well. Talk to others before you buy jewelry to see what settings you can get.

Prioritize the Four C’s

The Four C’s relate to the qualities of your diamond. The first C is cut, which is the shape and reflectivity of your diamond.

Many people like round, emerald, and oval diamonds as they catch the light well. But you can also select a pear-shaped or a crisscut diamond, as they can make a small stone seem larger. 

The second C is color. Most people like yellow or brown diamonds, but you can select a colorless one. However, colorless stones are extremely rare, which can drive the prices up. 

The third C is clarity, which relates to your diamond’s blemishes and internal imperfections. The higher the grade of your diamond, the fewer imperfections it has. Yet imperfections can make your diamond stand out and create interesting color patterns, so investigate a few different diamonds. 

The fourth C is carat, the unit of weight for diamonds, gold, and other precious materials. The more carats your diamond has, the heavier it is. Diamonds with many carats tend to be more expensive, though less clarity can bring your price down. 

Find a Precious Metal

The metal on your ring can affect how your diamonds look and how your ring feels. Platinum is one of the strongest and rarest jewelry metals. It is comfortable to wear, but it is far more expensive than gold. 

Gold with high carats tends to be very soft, so avoid wearing 24k gold. 18k gold is valuable and durable. 14k gold is extremely comfortable to wear, and it contains a high amount of silver that promotes the durability of the ring. 

You can find different colors of gold, though the colors do not impact the durability or value of your ring. White gold can be elegant and easy to pair with outfits. Yellow gold is more traditional and is easier to spot across a room.

Work Directly With a Jeweler

You can do your research online and buy an engagement ring through a retailer. Yet it can be hard to understand your different options without a jeweler’s help. 

Visit a jeweler’s website and read their guides for more info. If they seem knowledgeable, you should contact them and describe what your perfect engagement ring looks like. They may be able to find a product for you without you needing to look at other retailers.

If you need custom jewelry, you should go to a jeweler immediately. Trying out rings in stores can lead to problems, especially if you are allergic to certain substances in the rings. 

Purchase the Best Engagement Ring

The best engagement ring in the world is waiting for you. Figure out what size and setting you want your ring to be, then examine a few diamonds with the Four C’s in mind. 

Most people like gold rings, but you can select platinum or another metal. If you want a truly unique ring, you need to look online and see what your options are. Then you need to visit a jeweler. 

The world of engagement rings is more complicated than you think, and you must get the facts. Read more guides to engagement rings by following our coverage.

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