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A quick guide to styling leather jackets this spring

A quick guide to styling leather jackets this spring

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Who says you cannot wear a leather jacket in spring? Well, you can. In fact, you can wear one all year round. Light, breathable, practical, and not to forget, super fashionable; if there is one garment that deserves your attention throughout the year, it is a leather jacket. Do not ignore it!

A leather jacket brings magic. Whenever anyone wears it, they are blessed with that magic. There is a massive range of leather jacket styles out there. They all harbor the same power to transform a basic everyday ensemble into one that looks runway-worthy. Perhaps the best part about them is that they require minimal upkeep. Needless to say, every girl needs one in her arsenal.

Make a splash this spring with the quick guide we have prepared for you to style leather jackets. 

Athleisure but better

Athleisure is the hot new trend on the block, and we are here for it. It is comfy, it is practical, and it is fashionable; what more could anyone ask for? Perhaps what makes athleisure such a hit universally is the range of options it offers. Gone is the trend of baggy sweat pants and sweatshirts because now you have so much more to choose from, such as leggings, biker shorts, jackets, matching sets, and whatnot. It is exciting, to say the least.

Athleisure may seem like it would not pair well with other garments, but in reality, it works flawlessly. One such pairing is that of athleisure and leather jackets. Yes, you read that right. The edgy outlook and aura of a leather jacket just vibe so well with the relaxed look and feel of athleisure; it is a match made in heaven.

When you feel lethargic and when changing out of your sweats seems like work, just throw a leather jacket on top and watch yourself transform into a chic queen in a heartbeat.

Sweet with a hint of spice

We all love dresses; they are a staple in our closets. Effortlessly easy, super versatile, and incredibly chic, a dress is always a safe bet. The options for selecting a design are endless; they have varying lengths, cuts, fits, you name it. It is true; there is a dress for every occasion.

Another reason why dresses are so great is that they pair brilliantly well with other garments. You can dress them up so easily. If you are spoiling for a trick to amp up your everyday sweet and simple dress aesthetic, we have just the solution for you. Wear a leather jacket on top!

Leather jackets harbor this incredible ability to transform every ensemble into something special by sprinkling over that bit of spice that just lights up the whole palette. The flowing and flirty silhouette of your dress will pair flawlessly with the figure-hugging edgy outlook of a leather jacket. Contrasting cuts make the most structured outfits. To complete your look, all you need now is your favorite pair of shoes. Pair your dress with a fashionable leather jacket, and you will never look back.

Simple in monochrome

Monochrome outfits just scream high fashion, and let’s face it, who could possibly not want that? A monochrome ensemble ticks all the boxes. It is simple, it is chic, it is classy, it is edgy, it is versatile; the list is endless. You have probably experienced days when you have nothing to wear. Or you might feel there is nothing to wear (Reality check: there is plenty in your wardrobe, but it’s okay; we all have been there). Our advice is to just play it safe on those days and create a monochrome ensemble. You will look perfectly splendid.

Let us start with the simplest example: a little black skirt. Every woman owns one, and every woman loves one; they are perfection in every sense of the word. You can style your black skirt in a lot of ways, but complementing it with black boots and a black leather jacket would look on fleek. If you are in the mood for layering, perhaps throw a black sweater in the mix too. Simple yet so so elegant, this outfit is one that will work anytime, anywhere. So if you are having doubts about your outfit, just play it safe and simple in monochrome.

Relaxed in boyfriend jeans

If there is one thing we have the recent years to thank for, it is boyfriend jeans. How many times have you wanted to take your pants off simply because they felt too restricting? Sure, skinny jeans are great, but then some days, all a gal needs is the comfort of sweats paired with the socially acceptable aesthetic of jeans.

Introducing the much-hyped mom/ boyfriend jeans that have turned all our dreams into a reality. Featuring a loose silhouette and a baggy cut, one would imagine them to look sloppy, but they are far from it. Edgy, chic, wearable, and versatile; we love them! Safe to say, boyfriend jeans are the only ones that we can spend the whole day in without flinching.

Style your boyfriend jeans with a simple tee or tank top and layer a leather jacket on top to create the best and most instant outfit ever. Complete the look with your choice of shoes along with a sprinkling of accessories, and you are good to go anywhere, be it lunch with friends, out to run errands, or wherever else your heart pleases.

Chic for work

Had you rolled your eyes every time someone told you that leather jackets are a no when it comes to workwear, then your eyes would likely roll perpetually till the end of time. But, no more! It is time to ditch all those opinions because leather jackets are perfect to wear to work. Certain leather jacket styles such as a clean and classic front zipper and a round-collar leather jacket or a leather blazer are super chic and simple, making them ideal for professional settings. If you are struggling to find one that matches the demands and the overall vibe of your workplace, try your luck with custom leather jackets they always work out fantastically.

Sport your leather wardrobe to work by styling it with a pair of dress pants and a complementing button-down dress shirt or a blouse. Complete the look with pumps or oxford shoes, whatever fits your fancy, and you are ready to go. If you want to bring more femininity, you can never go wrong with a pencil skirt and blouse or a dress for that matter. Easy, sophisticated, and effortless; office wear has never been this fashionable.

Parting thoughts

Leather jackets are supremely easy to style; they literally do all the work for you. If you are in the mood to elevate your style game this spring, go all out with leather jackets because they make the best investments. Style them with anything, and they will transform it into something unique and memorable. Versatile, chic, and effortless; that is the vibe you should be going for this spring season. Use our guide to nail those Instagram-worthy shots.

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